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QuikTip: Groundskeeping skills - how the pros do it
May 20, 2009

Groundskeeping skills: how the pros do it

Dear Baseball Insiders,

You might feel that you need to be born with the skills of a groundskeeper to be able to create a great baseball field or softball field. But that’s not entirely true…

Don’t let me fool you! Grounds keeping talent helps and naturally it always shines through in the long run. However, there’s a foundation that’s needed for any field to be successful. Once you’re familiar with that foundation, it is skill, talent, and experience that will take you and your team to the next level.

You don’t need to become a professional groundskeeper. You do, however, need to be familiar with a few practicalities in sports field maintenance. I’ll show you how to avoid common mistakes and how to apply tips and hints to make a better field for better play.

No fancy stuff or hype here. After reading this, you can easily improve your sports field safety and playability and have a field you are proud of. And best of all: get the most out of your players.

But, in the end it’s up to you!

Transforming Your Baseball Field or Softball Field into a Winning Field is a set of sports field maintenance practices from the most successful sports field managers. I have used and tested every one of these secrets. If you're a coach, parent, athletic director, or player, this book will change the way you think about how to care for your players and your sports field.

Over the past seven years, thousands of players have benefited from the field maintenance disciplines covered in this book. While some sports fields have turned into safety and playability nightmares, others have turned into a field of dreams. What made the difference?

About seven years ago, we began to study and test precisely what sports field maintenance practices work best—what techniques and practices distinguish the best sports fields from the mediocre and those that are horrible.

Transforming Your Baseball Field or Softball Field into a Winning Field resulted from years of in-depth research and direct experience with dozens of highly successful (and not-so-successful) field maintenance habits. Dozens of coaches, players, and parents— baseball fans like you—studied under professionals and put these ideas into practice while renovating over 25 sports fields. Here's what we found:

• Better fields do indeed result in better play
• Field maintenance success is based on best practices
• You can model and replicate these techniques on your own sports field and achieve similar results.

Jim Reiner
Publisher, Editor, & Groundskeeper
The Ultimate Baseball Field Renovation Guide

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We have the handbook "How to Transform Your Baseball Field into a Winning Field" and
an eight week money back no hassle guarantee.

Be a hero.  Knowledge is power.  Use your power to make a difference...

Just click on the link below. (Email me if you have a question)

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Make your sports field do the talking,

Jim Reiner

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