Aerate Your Baseball Field Turf

Aerate Your Baseball Field Turf

Step three in baseball field turf maintenance is to aerate the turf

What you're going to do

Aerate to reduce soil compaction by punching small holes in the turf.

Why you do this

This allows air and water to reach the roots to maintain healthy turf.

The holes will be filled with the topdressing, seed, and fertilizer in following steps.

This is one of the best things you can do to improve your turf.

How you do this

It is best to run an aerator in an X patter across your turf.

Here you see two players aerating their high school infield. It takes about 30 minutes to do this in one direction. So if you can get two players and two aerators, you can do the X pattern in 30 minutes. A high school size outfield will take 2-3 hours to aerate.

Tips & Hints
  1. There are several kinds of aeration methods. The two most common are solid tine and hollow tine.

    I prefer the walk-behind machines that mechanically drive the tines into the ground. This approach provides a more even distribution of aeration and allows the depth of the tines to remain constant.

    You want to see cores of dirt left all over your field. Younger players who've never seen this before think cats went poop on their field. I bet you can get a few good laughs by pretending to go along with them.

    Check here for info about machines to aerate your field.

  2. Let the cores dry out for a bit. They will crumble up when the field is dragged in later steps. This is a good time to edge the field if you planned to do that.

  3. Allow the plugs to dry, but do not remove.
Mistakes to avoid

Aerating lets air in and moisture out. If you're going to aerate on a hot day, be sure to run the sprinklers earlier in the day and be prepared to run them mid day to keep the grass from drying out. I aerated once in August on a 95 degree day.

It's surprising how fast the grass dries out. You're trying to improve it, not kill it. Be careful.

core aerating

filling core holes
with sand

aerating an 'X' pattern

cores after aerating

up close

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