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Baseball Dirt Maintenance

For true bounces and consistent good footing.

This section covers everything you need for infield mix analysis and correction, warning track material, dragging, rolling, and watering… including tips and common mistakes. This is where most of the infield action is… on the dirt.

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Here are the basic steps for proper baseball dirt maintenance. The turf gets a lot of attention because it is so noticeable to anyone looking at the field. But most of the infield action happens on the dirt area. Attention to the dirt areas provides players with the best footing as fielders and runners.


For a complete program of dirt maintenance, follow these steps.

The nice thing about improving the dirt areas is that you don't need to interrupt play and you get immediate results you benefit from.

So, unlike turf maintenance which can interrupt play or you have to wait to see the results, here are things you can do with the dirt areas that players immediately benefit from

Each step of baseball field dirt maintenance is described including bonus tips & hints as well as common mistakes to avoid.

Select the area you're interested in improving.

Analyzing your dirt mix - Analyzing your dirt composition lets you know what your dirt problem is and know what you need to do to fix it. This analysis is primarily used for your infield dirt mix.  Start by knowing what your field is made of and create the best baseball dirt maintenance program for your field.

Correcting dirt mix problems - Most baseball fields benefit from extra dirt every year or so. It just seems to blow away or get washed away eventually. Add the right product to get the best mixture for a safe and playable field.

Infield skin or dirt maintenance - The best infield dirt is level and provides good footing for the players. Drag and water the field properly to prevent buildups and best of all prevent bad bounces.

Warning track maintenance - I hope you have a warning track between your field area and things you don't want players to run into. Make a warning track of the materials and depth that works.

The mound - Prevent injuries and keep the mound solid and free from giant holes. I think most coaches never pitched or they wouldn't possible expect their players to use such crappy mounds. So, fix it. Maintain it. A lot has to do with the kind of material you use and then keep it from totally drying out.  That's why baseball dirt maintenance is so important.

Homeplate - Next to the mound, I think most coaches never were batters either or they wouldn't expect their players to use such crappy batter boxes full of holes. So, fix this. Keep it maintained.

Basepaths - Basepaths need to provide good footing for running. Prevent lip buildup by dragging properly. And as an added benefit, if you take care of these right, you avoid puddles. Ah, yes, another benefit from good baseball dirt maintenance practices.

Fixing & preventing lip buildups - You might play on a field with dirt buildups around the basepaths, around the bases, or at the outfield grass line. You might be able to fix lip buildups a lot faster than you'd ever believe... in under 1 hour and play on it immediately. Yup, removing lips is part of good baseball dirt maintenance.  One of the best pieces of equipment of doing this the sod cutter.

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Baseball Dirt Maintenance
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