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Baseball Fence Screens -
What You Need to Know About Installing

baseball fence screen

Doug in Kentucky is working with his city to put in a baseball field fence screen, also known as batter's eye screen, on the outfield fence of his little league field.

Our city is going to install a batter's eye windscreen on the little league outfield fence.  I need to submit specs for wind allowance and sizing. 
Any suggestions would be helpful!  Thanks.

The biggest concern with baseball fence screens is the impact wind will have on the fence posts.

Most outfield fences with a windscreen have posts that are thicker and cemented deeper and have diagonal cross bars in the back to reinforce them.  See picture above and below.

cross bars on a baseball fence with a wind screen
Cross bars re-inforce a fence with a windscreen

The baseball field fence wind screen should be what is called 80 percent or less. 100 percent means it is solid screen that lets no wind through. A big gust of wind would bend the fence posts like wind hitting a sail. 80 percent lets some wind through.

baseball fence screen up close
80 percent windscreen up close

There are several ways to ancor the windscreen to the existing chain link fencing.  To keep wind from ripping the screen from the chain link fence you need to use fasteners every few feet.  See below for an example.

baseball fence screen anchored down
Note the metal clip holding the bottom of the screen to the fence.

And just to round out the information about baseball field fence screens, here are a couple examples of portable fencing.  This is definitely not the same as a windcreen or batter's eye screen.

portable baseball fence
Portable fencing for a little league field.
Up close you can see that it is not the same as a windscreen.
It doesn't block wind.  It's a visual as a fence.

portable fence up close

I wish you the best with your baseball fence screen.  You can search the internet for examples and suppliers by searching for 'baseball fence screen.'

While you're at it, you might want to check out your warning track too.  Along with the baseball fence screen, a warning track is a great addition for your players.

Yours for better play more often,

J. Reiner

Jim Reiner
Publisher, Editor, & Groundskeeper
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