the best equipment for your basebal field maintenance program

Baseball Field Equipment

Good machines make the job a lot easier.

You don’t want to end up wrestling with equipment or suffer the
disappointment of a job taking longer than it should.
Baseball field equipment selection can be critical.

aerating the infield bobcat hauling baseball dirt
thatcher on the infield turf
roller for firming up infield dirt
sod cutter for edging

Equipment and tools for baseball field maintenance are described including
my bonus tips & hints as well as common mistakes to avoid.


Aerators - Mechanical, self-propelled core aerators are recommended. If you only do one thing to improve your turf, this is it - aerate. 

Mowers - Mow according to grass type and grass height. From walk-behind to riding to multiple rotors to self-propelled, there are a lot of machines. Use the right one for the job.

Sod Cutters and Edgers - Reduce lip buildup and keep the edge looking nice. This one tool can make an immediate change in the safety, playability, and looks of your field.   Yup, the sod cutter is a surpisingly good part of your arsenal of baseball field equipment and tools.

Spreaders for seed and fertilizer - Walk behind cyclone spreaders are preferred for even coverage. The hard part is getting the right setting to spread the right amount of seed or fertilizer.

Steam rollers - Roll the dirt and the turf to keep it level and firm. A steamroller across your grass? Yes! One of the tricks of the trade.

Thatchers - Remove dead grass, but also used it for shallow tilling and light weed removal on your dirt areas. Can even help with your edging with an established egde.

Tractors - A tractor with a loader, rear tiller, and a hitch will multiply your efforts. Use it move or spread large amounts of dirt, sod scraps, or to level large areas.

Assorted Tools - Adequate field maintenance requires an assortment of tools. But with only a few you can do just about anything.

To see any of this baseball field equipment in action, see the project gallery.

Baseball Field Maintenance Equipment 
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