Baseball Field Funding for Your
Baseball Field Maintenance Projects

So, How do you pay for your
baseball field maintenance projects? 

Recently I ran a fundraising workshop covering a series of lessons to help you with funding your baseball field projects or really any youth program for that matter.  This workshop was so well received that it is now part of this website.  best regards, Jim

Baseball and Softball Fundraising Workshop

The Core Elements of  Successful Baseball Field Funding - Fundraisers

Let's get right down to the nuts and bolts here. If you are going to do anything to advance your sports program, you need money. And forget about a crack team - you're it.

People get freaked out about marketing or sales. They say, “I suck at sales.” Or they say, “I’ll get someone else to do it.” 

If you have a great baseball program or other youth program, then you owe it to your players, your students, and your family to market it effectively and get the donations you need.

Read lesson 1 of the core elements of a successful fundraiser for your baseball field funding.

Your First Big Fundraiser

In this lesson I show you 3 fundraising campaigns. You could call these small, medium, and large based on effort and results.

These will help you find the one that is the right fit for you right now. And I’ll show you how to stack them so you get bigger and stronger.

The first example is for a small organization just starting out.

Next is a medium size fundraiser reaching bigger fundraising goals such as $30,000.

And finally we look at the grant application approach for fundraising

Read lesson 2 about your first big fundraiser and what comes next in getting money for your baseball field funding.

The Fundraising Fast Blueprint for your Baseball Field Funding

So, first a big picture overview.

In this lesson I want to cover the high level points that everyone questions after the first 2 lessons.

Now I put everything in the blueprint to get the true picture of the entire process.

I like to look at the fundraising fast formula as the opposite of ‘hope’ marketing.  Like "I sure hope this works."

Read lesson 3 and all the details about the fundraising blueprint and putting it all together for your funding your youth program.

Upgrading Your Fundraising Workshop

OK, this Baseball and Softball Fundraising Workshop has been amazing.

People are loving it - thousands of people have viewed it already. And I’ve already had dozens of comments on the lessons in just a few days.

So far everything is going perfectly according to plan.

But that’s not good enough. :-)

I decided it was time to take this workshop to the next level with a big UPGRADE…

So I’m going to answer your questions about fundraising here:

The Fundraising Fast Formula

Wouldn't you like to get control over your destiny? 

Since you are reading this I know you have a dream –

  • building your program,
  • changing lives,
  • making an impact, and
  • getting the funds and support you deserve.

Maybe you’re a parent, a coach, an athletic director, a little league board member and you just want to get funds in a big way.

Read more about the Fundraising Formula and your next steps in your baseball field funding.

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