Baseball field maintenance goofs and advice

Baseball Field Maintenance Goofs

What could go wrong? Plenty!
Be forewarned and your project can still have a happy ending.

The very best
for success:

a plan
and a few good

Avoid project failure!
Don't let THESE goofs and disasters happen to you!

  1. birds ate the grass seed just lying on top of the ground
  2. bobcat hit a sprinkler box on the warning track and got a flat tire
  3. bobcat drove on the infield and left two big ruts toward the mound
  4. can't use pesticides or herbicides - city ordinance
  5. deliveries to the wrong place
  6. didn't follow directions with seed or fertilizer - used way too much
  7. digging too deep on the infield skin and dug up gravel and rocks
  8. dirt dumped in the wrong place; now we have more work hauling it
  9. dumping crushed brick without wetting or mixing or rolling it afterwards; so players have 4-6 inches of loose stuff
  10. edger lever stuck in the ‘cut’ position and now edges everywhere it goes
  11. equipment failures: aerator, sod cutter, tractor, bobcat
  12. football players ruined the infield running and tackling on it
  13. forgot the hitch to haul equipment on a small trailer
  14. hit a water main pipe with a thatcher
  15. hit sprinkler with aerator
  16. hit home plate and base pegs with the tractor tiller
  17. hose connection failed
  18. hose missing; hope it rains
  19. invading other people's territory when you work on ‘their’ field
  20. it rains out your planned work day
  21. key to the lock does not work
  22. locked gate; now you can't get equipment in - now this is a real let down and baseball field maintenance goof when everyone is ready to go, but can't get in
  23. lost the key to the lock
  24. measured wrong; base cutouts are crooked; curve is jagged
  25. misused nail drag and bent them all under - a player rode on it
  26. mower throttle cable binds; won't start or runs real slow
  27. no access for rental delivery; they leave it in the street for you
  28. no one skilled to drive the equipment; so learn how under pressure
  29. no place to put the sod scraps
  30. no place to turn around delivery truck; backing a rig out is painful
  31. no small tools for simple rental equipment problems; wrench and pliers
  32. no phone numbers for rentals or assistance; who you gonna call?
  33. not enough helpers; maybe you should plan for this
  34. not taking into account bullpen is on a hill; slope is too high
  35. plant seed too late in the year; doesn't grow
  36. pushing rain water on the grass with the dirt; make a big lip fast
  37. ran out of food; this is like running out of gas
  38. ran out of gas; pushing heavy equipment off the field is not easy
  39. rental place moved or is closed; yikes
  40. rocks on the field; they came in your baseball mix delivery!
  41. roller got wet material jammed between roller and chassis and stopped working on field
  42. seed washed away because it was not dragged or lawn rolled
  43. skipping dragging & topdressing
  44. soccer players ruined the infield running all over a wet field
  45. sprinklers located in the dirt area (surprise) get hit by edger, tiller, or roller
  46. sprinklers that get stuck; in the on position of course
  47. sprinklers went on when they were supposed to be off - talk about a baseball field maintenance goof when you end up with a giant mudhole
  48. squirrel poison put out by the park district; now field is off limits
  49. tool shed locked
  50. topdressing with rocks in it
  51. tractor driver ran into the fence and mangled it
  52. tractor runs too slow to keep the pto from burning out; job takes twice as long as planned
  53. tractor ruts in left field
  54. tractor with front flat in right field
  55. tractor won't start after delivery: it's not in neutral
  56. underestimate the job
  57. wet sand that doesn't spread
  58. working when it is wet; mess up the field you just fixed - this is probably the most irritating and disgusting baseball field maintenance goof of all - ruining your good work

So, there you have it.  A list of baseball field maintenance goofs I ran into.  Inspite of these setbacks, I still had successful work efforts just by being aware of what could go wrong. 

Plan your project and avoid these baseball field maintenance goofs.

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