Baseball field maintenance video gallery

Baseball Field Maintenance Video Gallery

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"I can’t thank you enough for all the baseball field tips you’ve given me for our home field. The sod cutter was amazing and worked like a dream. You can take pride that those straight baselines are because of your advice! Again, thanks for all your tips!"

Angela Neustifter, Dallas TX

"Hi, your website is very insightful and I was surprised to find it to be honest."

Jonathan Hunter, Cal Ripken league in Terre Haute, IN.

"I just took over our LL field and thanks to all your ideas and guides. I'm already a pro sort of."


"We have had a lot of rain & hardly any puddles after hard rains. We have worked them like your website says. Thanks for all the tips!"

Josh, New Albany

How to edge your baseball field like a pro

Using a stringer and a gas powered three wheel lawn edger you can get grass edges that are perfectly straight - just like the pros.


How to prevent lip buildup at the grass edge

A couple techniques will prevent lip buildup which in turn prevents bad bounces..

how to use a broom drag

How to use a broom drag on your baseball field

The broom drag is a great tool before and after games and practices to smooth out all the foot marks on the infield dirt.

baseball field dirt upgrade

Baseball field dirt upgrade

How to add 30 tons of baseball dirt and level it out along the grass edge and across the infield itself.  This is a great project during the off season..

maintenance at a  AAA ball park

Maintenance at a AAA ballpark

Two youth players get an inside look at professional field maintenance at the Raley Field, home of the AAA Oakland A's team.  They were inspired to keep the dream alive!.

high school baseball field upgrade

High School Field Upgrade

This is a complete baseball field turf maintenance program including edging, aerating, top dressing, seeding, fertilizing, and irrigating.

fixl a low spot on a baseball infield

How to fix a low spot in the infield turf

We had to make a cutout for a youth PONY tournament, but ended up with a low spot in the high school field in front of 2B.  Here's how we fixed it.

home lawn renovation

Home lawn renovation - why not have great turf there too!

How to use the baseball field turf maintenance process on your own home lawn.  Get great results.

fix a dead grass spot

How to fix a dead grass spot

How to fix a dead grass spot in the outfield of  a baseball field.  Common problem when the weather warms up fast and your sprinklers aren't covering well enough or long enough.

edge with weed killer

Edging a baseball field with weedkiller

This is a fast way to get a decent grass edge on the baseball field when you don't have the time or equipment to cut it.  Also useful as a first step to edging when the edge is overgrown quite a bit.

college baseball field renovation

College baseball field renovation project

Major infield turf and baseball mix renovation project done in days.  See how it was done.

marking with spray paint for edging a field

Marking your infield grass for edging

This shows you one way to mark your infield grass for trimming a nice straight edge using spray paint.  Sometimes it is useful to draw all the cut lines first and then use a sod cutter or edger to trim all at once.

installing clay bricks on the mound

How to install unfired clay bricks on the baseball mound (or the batter box)

No more holes!  Install unfired clay bricks in the pivot area and landing area.  You can use this same process to reinforce the batter boxes also.

VCA 2008 championship season

2008 Baseball Section Title Champs

Baseball field work days, clinic, dirt and turf field upgrade, alumni game, practice, and championship.  A great field lets your coaching efforts stand out!



youth baseball clinic

How to conduct a baseball clinic

See hundreds of children get great instruction and have great fun.  A championship high school team and its coaches used their baseball field to reach out to the youth of their community.  Why not you?

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