the best products and suppliers for your basegall field maintenance program

Baseball Field Products
for your field maintenance projects

Proven products and suppliers that know what a baseball field needs.

Choices and sources for seed, sod, fertilizer, baseball dirt mix, topdressing,
and even where to get good advice.

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Baseball field maintenance products and suppliers for field maintenance are described including ...
bonus tips & hints as well as common mistakes to avoid.



Baseball dirt mixes - What kind of dirt mix do you use on the different parts of the field? To be safe and playable, your baseball dirt needs to be level and firm.

Fertilizer - Help your seed, sod, and turf to grow thick and healthy. You need the right kind of fertilizer at the right times of the year in the right amounts.

Sand - Your secret ingredient to turf that is level, drains well, and promotes healthy turf. So, where do you get 10 tons of the right sand?

Seed - A sports field has to have the right grass seed. And not just any seed will do. It needs to look nice, but it better be good to play on and something that is right for your climate.

Sod - The easy way to repair or rejuvenate your turf is to use sod. And sports field turf needs to be installed so it can withstand the sudden starts and stops of your players.

Topdressing for your Turf- The right topdressing mix of topsoil, sand, and compost helps resist compaction and helps the root zone of your turf. It also helps you smooth out the ruts, holes, and undulations in the grass.

Turface - Sports & baseball field products manufactured specifically to condition sports fields to improve drainage, reduce compaction, and absorb excess water. Keep a couple bags of Turface on hand to remove puddles and treat wet areas.

Where to get GOOD Advice? - Don't be surprised that the best landscapers don't know the secrets to a quality sports field. Fortunately, there are lots of good places for advice and baseball field products, equipment, and planning.


Baseball Field Products
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