Baseball Field Maintenance Projects and Case Studies

Baseball Field Projects

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High School & PONY Tournament Baseball Field
Complete Turf and Dirt Upgrade

  • eliminate lumps, bumps, and low spots in infield
  • get rid of bad bounces and poor footing
  • fill in outfield ruts and low spots
  • make irrigation & drainage improvements
  • improve infield dirt & turf

    high school field before high school field after

Softball Field for Girl's Fastpitch and Adult Play
Total Playing Surface Upgrade
The same approach for baseball field projects works for softball too.

  • elimate major lip buildup at the grass edges
  • corrent the orientation of pitcher rubber and homeplate
  • get rid of bad bounces and poor footing
  • stabilize the pitching area and batter boxes which were way to loose
  • improve dirt areas for competitive quality footing and bounces

    softball field before softball field after

College and PONY Baseball Field
Complete Infield Renovation - one of my favorite baseball field projects

  • remove 60' diameter hump in the middle of the field
  • totally rebuild infield mound and bullpen mounds
  • layout the entire field to major league specs
  • complete turf and dirt maintenance upgrades

college field before college field after

Senior Little League Baseball Field
Dirt Maintenance Proposal

Increase the safety and playability for the senior field

  1. Eliminate the 4 foot wide buildup at the infield dirt and outfield grass edge.
  2. Eliminate the 1 foot wide raised area around the perimeter of the infield turf.
  3. Build safe and durable infield mound and batter’s boxes.
  4. Improve infield dirt areas for competitive quality footing and bounces.

High School & PONY Baseball Field
Spring Baseball Maintenance

  • edge all cutouts
  • perform complete turf maintenance
  • reduce lip buildup
  • reclaim the warning track area

    high school field before high school field after

College, High School, and PONY Baseball Field
Rolling and Sanding to Level the Turf

  • eliminate lumps and bumps in the infield turf
  • Improve drainage
  • eliminate lip buildup around infield turf
  • make the infield dirt and turf as level and firm as possible

field before rolling field after rolling


Little League Baseball Field
Turf Maintenance and Lip Removal

  • fill in bare spots in the turf
  • edge to specs
  • reduce lip buildup
  • strengthen turf for consistent bounces
  • level the turf area to get rid of bad bounces

before removing lip problem  after removing the lip

Home Lawn Improvements
Turf Upgrades in My Neighborhood

The same approach for baseball field projects works for home lawn upgrades too.

  • fill in bare spots
  • strengthen existing turf
  • level out dips and ruts
  • make it look a lot nicer

    bad home lawn good home lawn

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