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Adding a 50 / 50 mix to your baseball field

Adding brick dust to a clay baseball field

Baseball field fence screens - installation and damage prevention

Building dugouts: tips and hints

Cost for a pallet of Turface

Getting your baseball field ready for spring play

Nail drag and bolt drag

Over seed bare spots in baseball sod

Overcome obstacles when trying to fix our baseball fields

Raising the dirt level two inches

Removing lip build up with a roller

Remove lip build up with a watering hose

Repair turf edges using sod or seed

Why you should aerate after rolling turf

And many more baseball field questions and answers in the pipeline.  You might also look at the FAQs for frequently asked baseball field questions.

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Jim Reiner
Publisher, Editor, & Groundskeeper
The Ultimate Baseball Field Renovation Guide


Jim Reiner Jim Reiner was a groundskeeper with the Texas Rangers AAA team and has been involved with baseball his entire adult life.  He devotes his efforts to training coaches, players, and parents of all levels of youth baseball and softball to use their existing field and turn it into a safe, high performance field. Jim's website has been online since 2006 helping hundreds of thousands from little league to pro baseball improve their ball fields. 

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