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Baseball Field Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
about baseball field maintenance.

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Common baseball field questions and topics


Batters box - is there a way to keep it from turning into a hole? - I don't get to tamp the area as often as I should. What can I do to prevent deep holes there?

How do I mark the baseball turf before I edge? - I want straight lines in the right places.  How do I do it?  Plus, how do I edge it?

Rolling baseball field turf to get rid of lumps - how? The topsoil under my turf is lumpy and bumpy.  How do I roll to level it out?

What's the best way to tamp my baseball field mound? - I get so much clay and mud stuck when I tamp.  Then the surface is not flat.  It's full of indents and holes.  Is there a better way to do this?

How do I use clay bricks to reinforce my mound? - I'ver heard of using unfired clay bricks in the front of the mound.  How do I go about doing this?

What's the best way to add and level new baseball mix? - I'm adding 30 yards of infield mix to raise the infield dirt level an inch.  I  need some tips and hints to spread it and level it.  (one of the most popular baseball field questions)

How do I figure the square footage - I need to know the square footage of a baseball or softball field so I use the right amount of seed, fertilizer, and baseball dirt mix.  How do I do this?  Better yet, show me some pictures!

How to get grass to grow on a large damaged area - My school's baseball field was ruined in left field by soccer games in the rain.  Now the area has no grass and is lumpy from the dried mud prints. What's the best and cheapest and fastest way to get some grass growing again?

Six ways to improve a brick dust infield - I'm working with a guy who's baseball infield a few years back was filled with too much brick dust and is like sand to play on. He wants to harden the area. Would you suggest adding just mound clay or any other amendments? And how do we do this? (one of the most popular baseball field questions)

Most common field layout mistakes - I'm going to spend some time improving my baseball field.  What kind of problems should I look at correcting while I'm fixing up my grass and dirt areas? Is there anything I can easily check for?

How much do I need? - I just moved to the area and started coaching this spring.  The fields here are horrible.   They all need a serious facelift.  We plan to plan to do what we can to upgrade the whole thing.  So, how do I figure out how much seed, fertilizer, and dirt I need to do the job right?


Have a question not on the list?  Then send your baseball field questions to me here.

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