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Show me the Money!

There really is baseball grant money out there. 
You have to seek it out and work for it.

So, let's get started on this.  If you haven't already read about developing your fund raising message, then you should check it out after you read this page. It will prove to be very helpful. 

In addtion, the ideas covered in raising money through donations and getting equipment and supplies at a discount will be useful to you.


One source of funds for your baseball field projects is the Baseball Tomorrow Fund.  This is sponsored by Major League Baseball and the Players Association.  Read more about it here.

So, I want to show you three things:

  • one very good example of an initial inquiry for a grant,
  • a thorough grant request itself, and
  • several case studies of those who were successful in getting a baseball grant.

1. A successful letter of inquiry for a baseball grant

Most organizations that provide grants of any kind use a two step process.

Step one requires that you submit a brief inquiry to see if you qualify for submitting the entire grant application.  Organizations usually give you a list of topics to cover or a suggested form to fill out.  Either way, this initial step is usually limited to 1 to 3 pages.

Here is a brief, but thorough, letter of inquiry for a baseball grant through the Baseball Tomorrow Fund.  This was a successful letter of inquiry that led to full grant application submittal.  Letter of inquiry for a baseball grant. (pdf - 214kb)

2. A thorough grant application submitted for review

Step two requires that you submit a pretty detailed application to see if you qualify for the grant money.  Organizations usually give you several forms to fill in and several topics to cover.  This application step can vary.  But it is usually 3-20 pages long with attachments as needed.

So, here is a well done application for a baseball grant through the Baseball Tomorrow Fund. 

One of the criteria for success with many grants is your ability to get local support ($$ or labor) in addition to the grant money.  This particular grant application did not make the cut because the submitters actually were able to raise so much local money and support, the grant was denied.  Wouldn't you like to have a problem like that!  Not everything they wanted to is done yet, but they have come a long way!  Application for a baseball grant (pdf - 423kb)

3. Case studies of successfull grant applicants

It's always good to learn from success.  Here's some research that was conducted while gathering information for a Baseball Tomorrow Fund grant application. 

See if any of these case studies is close to your situtation.  You'd be surprised how much you can get sometimes.  The key again is demonstrating need, demonstrating local support, and demonstrating that you can keep the program going after it is funded. Case studies of successful applicants. (pdf 126kb)

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