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There are only 3 ways to become a championship pitcher…

FREE report is yours for the taking

Every single professional pitcher started with a dream.


Without proper instruction you are closing the doors to the dream.

Continual instruction for your pitcher is critical. And a championship pitcher is made 3 ways.

You need…

1. Proper mechanics
2. To be physically fit as a pitcher, and
3. Be mentally tough

If you seriously want to improve your pitching over the next 2 months, this may be one of the most important things you ever read.

Get the pitching edge. Personal pitching instructions by Brian Reiner, a California State High School championship pitcher… and 4 years of college on pitching scholarships.

All you need to do is use what I give you and your pitching will improve.

    To receive your FREE Report (3 Ways To Become a Championship Pitcher), designed to help your son be the best pitcher he can be – whether he’s new or experienced, just go to baseball pitching report and get your report.


Get the Pitching Edge - Personal Pitching Instruction


high school pitcher

Get the Pitching Edge with personal pitching instruction:

  1. Evaluating your current situation
  2. Developing explosive mechanics – where velocity really comes from
  3. Making adjustments to overcome problem mechanics and improve control
  4. Pitcher fitness – off season and in season to save your arm
  5. Better mental focus with proper pre-game strategy and post-game evaluation and recovery

Sessions start at $30 for 45 minutes.  Five 45 minute sessions for $150. Or you may prefer to take advantage of a longer term block for greater savings: Ten 45 minute sessions for $250. Sessions are most commonly used twice a week. That gives you time to reflect, refine, and practice what you are learning.

Should The Pitching Edge not measure up to your expectations, you may cancel your arrangement at any point and receive a refund for the unused sessions of your plan.


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