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Baseball Turf Maintenance

Baseball turf maintenance practices the pros use.  Make your bounces dependable. 85% of the game occurs in the infield.

This section covers everything you need for mowing, edging the grass, aerating, top dressing, seeding, sod, fertilizing, dragging, watering, sanding, and rolling… including tips and avoiding common mistakes.

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seeding the infield fertilizing the infield nice baseball field after complete turf maintenance

Here are the basic steps to. I've done this entire process dozens of times on fields from T-Ball to little league, to high school, to college. It just takes a little effort and a little time. Then you'll have a better baseball experience for players, coaches, and parents.



For a complete program of baseball turf maintenance,
follow this 10 step process.

This process is ideally done 3 to 4 weeks before your spring season starts.
You can also do this before summer tournaments and in late fall when you are done for the year.

Each step is described including bonus tips & hints as well as common mistakes to avoid.

So, here’s what you do:

Once your field is dry enough, start your baseball turf maintenance by mowing your turf.

In the early spring and fall, cut it a bit shorter than you normally do. That allows for 3-4 weeks of growth. Next, mark your sprinklers so you don’t hit them when you aerate and edge your turf.

This is followed by adding topdressing if possible. Usually a dirt mixture that includes sand is best.

Then over seed the turf.

Now the magic steps. Drag the turf to blend the seed and dirt, to smooth the surface, and to force materials into the aerification holes.

After the above process has been completed, fertilize the turf and start watering. After about 2 weeks spot seed any areas where there is thin growth.

Once the turf has grown to 2 to 3 inches, it is time to start regular mowing.


Baseball Turf Maintenance
Mowing   |  Marking Sprinklers  |  Aerating  |  Edging  |  Topdress  |  Overseed 
Dragging the Turf   |  Fertilizing  |  Irrigating  |  Spot Seeding

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