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The internet has a wealth of information available
on just about any subject - baseball field maintenance included. 

You can learn lots from these baseball websites here. 

then come back to me for the 'how to' that most of us have to live with: multi-use fields, limited money, volunteer labor.

Your result can be just as nice. And that's what's unique about this site...  actual instructions and pictures of players doing the work.  You get the tips and hints you need to really do the work and as well as advice on mistakes to avoid.

Better Fields:

Baseball Field Repair
Athletic field maintenance and development services
specializing in baseball fields and drainage in the Ohio region.

Mercer Group Inc.
A Regional Athletic Field Contractor Specializing in Baseball, Softball, Football and Soccer Field maintenance serving the Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton OH Areas.

Turface offers sports field conditioners designed to provide a safe, playable surface.

MLB Baseball Field Maintenance Guide
Major League Baseball presents a general guide for field maintenance.

Better Play:

Hitting for Excellence - Baseball hitting instruction, batting instruction by the Oakland A's hitting coach.  My sons used this to be all league in high school and all stars in little league.
-- highly recommended --

All About Pitching (an all time favorite of baseball websites ) - Baseball pitching instruction, pitching mechanics, pitching velocity tips and videos.  My sons used this to be starting pitchers in high school and to get a full ride college baseball scholarship.
-- highly recommended --

Fastpitch Softball Coaching: Helping the new and experienced coach deliver the skills necessary to bring your team to the next level.
-- highly recommended --

Coaching Tips for Parents and Coaches
Valuable coaching tips and techniques that will allow you to be a better coach and then kids definitely have more fun!

Baseball Tomorrow Fund - Major League Baseball program to promote youth participation in baseball and softball by funding programs, fields, coaches' training, and the purchase of uniforms and equipment. I used this to make improvements planning and fundraising.

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