Maintain the basepaths

Maintaining Your
Baseball Field Basepath
Make your basepaths firm, level, and stable.

What you're going to do

It's important to keep your basepaths firm and level. The firmer the path, the faster players can run.

It is best to maintain as much of the basepath by hand as possible.

Basepaths include not only home to first and third, but also the path between second to first and third base.

How you do this

  1. It is best to use a metal-mesh drag that is narrower than the width of the base paths. High school and higher base paths are 6 feet wide. Little league base paths vary from 4 feet to 6 feet wide.

  2. Make sure that the drag does not overlap the grass area to prevent a “lip” or ridge at the edge of the grass.

  3. Rakes can also be used on the base paths. When raking, do not rake across the base path, but go up and down the baseline. Rakes can go closer to the grass edge than a drag.

Tips & Hints
  1. Use more clay in the basepaths. Pros often have a basepath that is 100% clay. Some colleges and high schools use 80% clay and 20% silt.

  2. If you add clay material to your basepath, spread it out, till it into the top 4 inches, moisten, drag to level, and roll with a 1.5 to 3 ton steam roller.

  3. Spread 2 bags of turface over the surface of the basepaths and nail drag in for maximum moisture management.

  4. Drag length wise to prevent lip build up.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Raking across the basepath causes a low spot to develop in the middle of the basepath.

  2. Raking or squeagying water out of the basepath going across onto the grass will cause fast lip build up.

  3. Adding nothing but crushed red brick to the whole field including the basepaths results in poor footing and bad hops.

  4. Neglecting the basepath. What do you expect it will end up looking like?

  5. Neglecting to edge the grass on the basepath. You'll end up with bad hops.

Does your basepath have a lip?  Check here for ways to fix it.



firm and level basepath

firm 1B area is a must

metal-mesh hand
drag for the basepaths

spread clay on the path

till in clay and drag

roll it flat and firm

spread 2 bags on the
basepath and nail drag

neglected... but fixable
with hard work

a center low spot and
a bad hop edge

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