batter box with no holes

I can't always tamp my batter box. 
Is there a way to keep it from
turning into a deep hole?


Two ways to keep your batter area firm even if you don't regularly tamp and water

(but, you know you should do that, don't you!)


1. Place a rubber mat
under ground

Example: rubber mats under the batter area

digging out batter box for the rubber mat
First, dig out the box area about 4 inches deep. This example shows both the left hand and the right hand batter area dug out.  Dirt excavated is moved to the side and will be replaced after the rubber mat is placed.

Level and tamp the bottom of the hole you dig out. 
In this example we also put down some white sand
as a base under the rubber mat.


tamping rubber maqt in the batter box
Second, place the rubber mat in the box area you dug out.  In this example, the rubber mat does not
cover the entire batter box hole. 

We put in two mats for the right hand batter to fill in the entire box and used only one for the left hand box. 
Note the white sand we put down under the
mat for a firm base.


tamping the batter box
Last, push the baseall dirt removed in step one back over the rubber mat, lightly moisten, and tamp it dow. 
You can see how the right hand box is finished as we continue working on the left hand box.



2. Place unfired clay bricks
under ground

baseball brick
Moist and moldable, but firm unfired clay bricks. 

dig out batter box for clay bricks
Dig out the batter box down inches.
Level and tamp the bottom.

placing the bricks
Place the bricks in the box. Use a shovel to cut
the bricks in half to fill in the small areas on the edges

tamping the bricks
Tamp the bricks.  Tamp hard.
Really mash the edges together into one solid block of clay.  Use a damp thin towel to prevent sticking.

done tamping bricks
Ready to push baseball dirt back over and tamp down. 
It is best to water the area daily and cover with a tarp when not in use.  This keeps the bricks moist and firm.

Got your batter box fixed? Now find out how to place and tamp unfired clay bricks in your baseball field mound






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