Baseball field maintenance daily checklist

Baseball Field Maintenance
Daily Checklist

adapted from BTF Field Maintenance Guide 2006


Daily Routine before Practice:
Mow as needed
Remove tarps
Water skinned areas and baselines
Install the bases
Erect safety screens for pitcher, first base and second base
Place the batting cage at home plate

Daily Routine after Practice and Games:
Remove the bases and cover the base anchor sleeves
Drag the skinned areas and baselines
Rake loose dirt off grass along base paths, mound circle, and infield edge
Rebuild the mound and home plate area and cover areas with tarps
Rebuild the bull pen mound and home plate area
Replace and tamp any loose divots in turf areas
Dispose of trash in and around field and bleacher areas

Day of Game Routine:
Remove tarps
Mow the grass
Scarify the skinned areas with a spiker
Drag the skinned areas smooth
Water the infield area and mound (rebuild mound / batter box as needed)
Sweep and clean dugouts
Set the chalk lines and mark officially – mark on fair side of stringer
Paint or wash bases, pitching plate and home plate
Prepare the bullpens
Check the operation of the field lights
Check the operation of the scoreboard
Prepare the press box and operation of the public address system
Check the operation of the electrical equipment in the concession stand
Clean and prepare the locker rooms and umpire rooms
Dispose of trash found in and around field and bleacher areas


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