baseball field turf maintenance checklist

Baseball Field
Turf Maintenance Checklist


Step 1: Mow the field.
Mow it short because you won’t be mowing again for three weeks.

Step 2: Mark the sprinklers so you don’t hit them.
Use sprinkler flags. Put them on the side of the sprinkler closest to the dirt area. That way you know exactly where the sprinkler head is.

Step 3: Aerification
Once field is dry enough, core aerify in two directions diagonally, creating an X pattern. Allow the plugs to dry, but do not remove.  This is the most important step for turf maintenance in this entire checklist.

Step 4: Edging the grass
This is a good time to edge the field also. Measure and mark the cutouts with spray paint or use a stringer and follow the edge. Remove the sod scraps.

Step 5: Topdressing
Aerification is followed by topdressing. One purpose of topdressing is to smooth the surface just as they do on golf greens. At a minimum, topdress with sand. A sand and compost mixture works well also.

Step 6: Seeding
After the topdressing is applied, seeding should follow. Don't skimp on grass seed, make sure it is certified. Try to keep about a half a bag of infield and outfield seed for spot seeding later.

Step 7: Dragging
Now that the field has been aerated, the cores have sat for a while, a topdressing application has been completed and seeding has been done, these materials must be blended. This is best accomplished by dragging the field.

Step 8: Fertilization
After the above process has been completed, it is necessary to fertilize. In this case, a starter fertilizer is recommended to get the seed to start growing faster.

Step 9: Irrigation
Irrigation must immediately follow. To water, wet the entire field, but do not soak the field to where puddling may occur.

Step 10: Spot Seeding
After 1 to 1-1/2 weeks, the seed should be germinating. It is essential to spot seed any areas where there is thin growth caused by inconsistent watering patterns or thunderstorms.


This entire turn maintenance program with step by step instructions, quantities of seed & fertilizer, and visuals is found in the Turf Maintenance section.



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