Getting a discount or donated equipment and materials for your baseball field project

Getting a Discount on Materials
and Equipment
for Your Baseball Field Project

Time your work and you can probably save a lot of money.
So, who should ask and how should they do it?



Some good sources for a reduced rate on equipment and materials:

  1. Nationwide equipment rental companies - my experience has been varied, but I can usually save money or get free delivery.  If you do your turf maintenance, for example, during what is the off season for most people, you might get a reduced ratet.  The equipment sits idle and earns nothing or you use it and they make something.  Some companies might even provide free delivery and free use of the equipment for several days.  So, for me, the best time of year to get equipment was very early spring or early fall.

  2. Major landscape suppliers - my experience is that these companies are supportive of local youth programs and may provide a reduced rate.  You also might be able to get the busted bags of seed and fertilizer discounted or even free. 

  3. Home builder suppliers - if you need some cement or plywood, there is usually a homebuilder in the area willing to help out.

Note: be sure to ask for a reduced rate for youth baseball - little league, PONY, or high school
P.S.  Before asking for a discount, read this to figure out your fund raising message.


Who should ask?

Anyone who cares about your baseball program! 

Parents, coaches, and best of all... players themselves!  Sometimes, a letter from one player or one signed by all of them just can't be ignored by a company.  Just be a little judicious about doing this.


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