Getting cash donations to fund your baseball field projects

Getting a Cash Donation
to Fund Your Baseball Field Project

People want to give you money? Yes!


Some good sources for a cash contribution as part of your fund raising:

  1. Local banks, credit unions, savings & loans, mortgage companies - did you know that these organizations usually have a budget for community support and they are just waiting for a good cause to come knocking on their door?  They want to fund your baseball program! Most of these use the calendar year as their budget year.  So, get into their plans sometime right after Thanksgiving or just after the New Year.  By mid-summer they often have spent all their money. It's best to ask organizations you already do business with, but it is not a necessity.

  2. Insurance companies: home, auto, life - ask the companies you do business with; have the players parents ask the companies they do business with.  Many of these companies are more than willing to support you and your local youth program any time of year.

  3. Local businesses that you frequent often: eateries, ice cream parlors, chiropractors, donut shops - these kind of businesses get frequent repeat business and often will support you in turn for some advertising.  They are just using some of their normal advertising budget with you.

  4. Other businesses where player's parents work or use - real estate agents, mortgage companies, home builders.  These companies make a big commission on just one sale, so they are willing to advertise to get sales.


Sources where I had very limited success getting a donation:

National chain stores - they always said they had to get 'corporate' review and approval.  this was another way of putting my request into a black hole.

Nation wide banks - same deal: referred to corporate and wait a long time to find out the answer is no.

Equipment rental companies - they don't seem to have much cash, but they probably can provide a discount on equipment use.



Sample letter requesting support that netted over $10,000:

SUBJECT: Seeking sponsors or donations for the baseball program

is seeking business donations and sponsors for its baseball program. We compete against other schools in Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento, Vacaville, Fairfield, and Citrus Heights. We usually have 50-100 people at our games.

Our school is located in . The school is a non-profit organization. The tax ID number is xx-xxxxxxx..

We have a couple projects we are working to complete in the next five weeks:
1. building a 12 foot high outfield fence and wall for the varsity baseball team: about $3,000
2. improving the seating area behind home plate to accommodate more fans: about $2,000
3. adding a scoreboard for the games: about $2,000
4. raising funds for uniforms and equipment (we need four baseball bats and two catcher gloves for the players): approximately $2,000

We are looking for donations anywhere from $50 to $1000.
• Patron Sponsor: In return for your donation of $50 - $200, we will advertise your business in our baseball program.
• Homerun Sponsor: Donations from $350 - $1000 will include a 4x8 foot sponsorship sign for the baseball field, in addition to other advertising.

Would you consider being a Patron or Homerun Sponsor and making a donation to support this local community high school athletic program?

On the attached pages is additional information about the baseball program, the schedule, and the athletic sponsorship program.

Reminder: use your "reason for being" in your fund raising to get a cash donation.

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