Dragging Your Baseball Field Turf

Dragging Your Baseball Field Turf
Step seven in baseball field turf maintenance is to drag the turf to mix in the seed and topdressing

What you're going to do

Now that the field has been aerated, the cores have sat for a while, a topdressing application has been completed and seeding has been done, these materials must be blended and forced into the aerification holes for maximum benefits.

This is best accomplished by dragging the field.

Why you do this

This forces the materials into the aerification holes and the turf.

How you do this

Slowly drag the entire field with a mat drag.

  1. Go slow. A small hand drag works well for the infield.

  2. A larger drag can be pulled by a small riding mower or tractor on the outfield.

  3. Note that this is the same drag you use to drag the dirt.
Mistakes to avoid

The biggest mistake I see is folks afraid to run the infield dirt drag across the grass. It will be OK. The grass is not hurt by doing this.


mixing seed and


spread into core holes

ATV pulling the drag

after hand dragging

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