Edge your baseball field turf

Edge Turf on Your Baseball Field
Step four in baseball field turf maintenance is to edge your turf

What you're going to do

Edge turf where it connects to the infield skin or dirt.

Why you do this

Your field will look better.

And this step increases field safety and playability by reducing build up edges.

How you do this
  1. Use the proper diagram and layout specifications for the field size you are working with.

  2. Mark where the cutouts should be. Use spray paint, chalk, or string.

  3. Then use and edger or sod cutter to cut and edge turf. Then rake or shovel up the scraps and dispose of them.
Tips & Hints
  1. If your field hasn't been edged for a couple years, the grass has grown way past the proper area, or you have quite a lip build up, I recommend using a sod cutter for the job. It provides a nice edge and will cut out the buildup. Be prepared to clean up lots of scraps. 

    Check here for more info about sod cutters to edge turf.

  2. You can edge turf a couple ways: walk the edger along a stringer held at the proper measurement with large spikes or you can mark all the cut lines with white field marking paint along the stringer before doing the edging. Any of the waterproof paint will be gone after a mowing or two.

  3. It is easier if two people are involved to move the stringer and mark the lines. If there's a lot of edging (infield, foul territory, outfield grass line, warning track) I prefer marking with paint and then edging it all at once.
Mistakes to avoid
  1. I did try edging by following a stringer laid out where the edge should be. I used a cotton stringer. I found it hard to keep from accidentally cutting the string with the edger's cutter. This made for having to remeasure and reset the string. This was a hassle.

  2. If you plan some heavy duty topdressing work with trucks delivering on the field, wheelbarrows hauling the material, etc. then you should do the edging last. Otherwise all the equipment movement will wreck havoc on your nice new lines.

  3. Don't edge too deep. Most sod cutter at rentals are set too deep as if you are harvesting sod. You're not doing that. You're using the sod cutter like an automated hula how. Set the depth for 1/2 inch.
needs edging

fix an edge like this

diagram markings

Line marked for edging

ragged dirt hump

edged with a sod cutter

properly edged

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