Edger for your baseball field turf lines

Using an edger on your Baseball Field
Cut straight lines with a mechanical hula hoe:
a sod cutter or edger

Choices and Decisions

The cutting blade on a sod cutter is on the bottom of the unit. As you cut you might have one wheel on the turf and one on the dirt. And you might be edging over a lip buildup.

Choices: four wheel or three wheel models that you can use to cut a straight line.


Sources and Suppliers

Suppliers I've used and am satisfied with: A Tool Shed and Home Depot Rentals. Of course, there are other suppliers, but these are my favorites.

Tips & Hints

There are two basic types of sod cutters. One type works exceptionally well and the other is often just barely adequate.


  1. The best: four wheel models. These are the easiest to keep a straight line and don't seem to be bothered by driving over uneven ground. And they are lighter - easier to drive and turn.

  2. So-so: models with two wheels or rollers in the front and one wheel or roller in the back. Heavier, harder to turn, and harder to keep on a straight line even with level ground let alone going over a lip area. But it will do the job if you stay focused.

  3. Avoid the machines that have heavy signs of rust on the mechanical parts. They could get stuck and then you don't complete your job.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Make sure the sod cutter depth regulator can be set to shallow - something like 1/2 inch. If you go with standard settings, you will be cutting way to low and just causing another irregularity on the field.

  2. Mark your sprinklers. You'd be surprised how many sprinklers I have found are actually in the dirt area near the grass edge. If you don't mark it, you'll cut the top off with a sod cutter.


four wheel sod cutter
Best: 4 wheel models

best sod cutter
My all time favorite!

not so good sod cutter
3 point models:
can be challenging

not so good sod cutter

baseball field before edging
before... baseball field after edging

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