Fertilize Your Baseball Field Turf

Fertilize Your Baseball Field Turf
Step eight in baseball field turf maintenance is to
fertilize the turf

What you're going to do

After the above steps have been completed, it is necessary to feed your turf for it to grow..

Why you do this

In this case, a starter fertilizer is recommended to help the seed to grow fast, thick, and healthy.

How you do this
  1. Typically, one 50 pound bag covers 10,000 square feet.

  2. So, the entire baseball field should be fertilized with about 8 bags of fertilizer.

  3. One to one and a half on the infield and the rest on the outfield.

  4. Early in the year use 6-20-20 to help the new grass seeds.
  1. Use 6-20-20 start fertilizer when seeding.  For more info on ferilizer when you fertilize your field, check here.

  2. Spread with a walk-behind spreader for consistent coverage.
Mistakes to avoid

Too much fertilizer will either burn or kill the turf. So use a spreader.

Don't just throw it by hand.


after 3 weeks of growth

One 50 lb bag
for the infield turf

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