Fertilizer for your baseball field

Fertilizer for your Baseball Field
For your seed, sod, and turf to grow thick and healthy

Choices and Decisions

Check local conditions and needs for specifics, but in general here's what you need:

Liquid or granular? Pros use a combination of liquid and granular. Most of the rest of us will be using granular and a spreader.

Starter Fertilizer: use when overseeding or spot seeding; the best ratio is 6-20-20.

First application in early spring: use a cool season type such as 21-4-7 or triple 15.

Ongoing applications through out the playing season: use a balanced type such as 15-15-15 or 24-3-16. Some pros use 19-25-5 with extra ironite and sulfur as well.

End of year as you shut down play till winter is over:
use 0-0-50 gypsum based product for healthy roots and good drainage. Use 16 pounds on a high school size infield.


Sources and Suppliers

Suppliers I've used and am satisfied with: Horizon, Sequoia Pacific Turf Supply. Both are excellent and know what baseball fields in your area need.

Brands I've used and am satisfied with: Best and Turfgro.

Tips & Hints

  1. Buy the 50 pound bags. You get more for your money. For example, a bag might cost about $14 versus going to the local home supplier and paying $25 for 20 pounds.

  2. It's better to fertilize lightly and often instead of in heavy doses far apart. That way the grass is stronger and holds up better.

  3. Water after fertilizing or put it out just before it rains.

Mistakes to avoid

You need to water after fertilizing. If you don't water or it doesn't rain, the grass will burn from it.


fertilizer piles
21-4-7 on the left
6-20-20 on the right

cool season fertilizer
cool season

starter fertilizer

bulk fertilizer
buy in bulk to cover
your field

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