The Fundraising Fast Formula

(and your next steps)

There’s an old story of two young friends

      On a beautiful late spring afternoon, nine years ago, two 12-year boys finished their little league season. They were very much alike, these two young boys.

      Both had been better than average players, both were personable and both – as young little leaguers are – were filled with ambitious dreams for a future baseball career.

      Recently those young men returned to their little league field where they played nine years ago.

      They were still very much alike. Both had grown to be fine young adults. And both, it turned out, had gone on to college after graduating from high school, and were still baseball fans.

But there was a difference.

     One of the young men had dropped out of college and was working at a local fast food chain.

     The other led his high school team to the state finals and was now in his third year of college on a full ride baseball scholarship as a pitcher.

     Now have you ever wondered as I have:

  • what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives,
  • what are the turning points, the decision points that go down those very different paths,
  • what if there’s a formula once learned that could alter the future path of your baseball program?
  • that could radically transform your program’s success and your athlete’s success?

     Would you want to know that formula? 

     Well... I got it.

     I’m Jim Reiner and since 2005 I’ve been teaching that formula. It’s called the fundraising fast formula.

     I’ve been teaching hundreds of organizations who have done hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fundraising. 

     Now this is an important thing to remember:

  • I did not make all that money.
  • It’s the parents, students, and coaches who did.
  • And, many are making even more now.

That story I just told you about the two young men...

The difference between those 2 men comes down to education and training and putting it into practice.

     Of course, times change and success is no longer about working for a company for 25 years and working your way up the ladder.

     So for many of us today success looks more like growing your program, making a positive impact on your world. And ultimately about your freedom of purpose.

     Now when I hear that story of the two young men I am often reminded of so many youth baseball and softball programs.  

     Some of them, just like you can, have had program-altering fundraisers that completely changed the path of their athletes.

     Let me give you an example:

      I can’t help but think of Santa Cruz Pony League. Their baseball field was old and overused. The infield was in dire need of renovation.

     The head of the Pony league tried for many years, but it was slow and painful. He ran into many coordination and approval issues. But those around him did not give up.

     Once I got involved, within days I had the money in hand and the discounts arranged. 

     The baseball field renovation was was launched and finished in less than 4 weeks. It just goes to show that money talks.

     When you have the means to do the job - donations and discounts - the sky is the limit.  Now folks from all around the area come to play on this baseball field... the only full size baseball field in the area with a grass infield.

      Creating this field of dreams was made possible with donations, discounts, and support from local businesses and organizations including:

  • Bethany College
  • Unite Rental
  • Valley Christian Academy
  • Central Home Supply
  • Santa Cruz Pony League
  • Horizon
  • Sierra Pacific
  • Graniterock
  • A Tool Shed
  • City of Santa Cruz Park and Rec

      I certainly can’t claim that you are going to get that kind of result or that is typical result.  But that result completely changed the direction of their program.

     Same thing happened to a high school baseball team in Roseville that raised $33,000 and a middle school in St Louis that got a grant for $70,000 to improve their baseball fields.

     The thing is when you get that kind of result, it’s not going to be your last fundraiser. You keep going and keep getting better.

     It’s a remarkable story. It is not average and typical. But I have many stories to tell you of fundraising fast programs who made crazy transformations in their program and in the lives of their athletes.

     And I often think about where they would be if they hadn’t made the decision to make a bigger impact… to step up.

     So that is the question this is about for you:

  • Are you ready to step up and do a bigger vision for yourself?
  • Are ready to start or dramatically grow your existing program?
  • Are you ready to step into everything a growing program would mean for you? A bigger, more positive impact in the world.

      Ok there's a lot to cover here. I’ve thrown some numbers at you.

     But I didn’t start that way.

     My son was forced to change high schools his sophomore year. I was sitting in the stands during spring baseball practice at his new school.

     I’m thinking to myself, “the field conditions are terrible, the equipment is bad, the uniforms are years old and beat up, and my son’s dream to play professional baseball is vaporizing before my eyes.”

     I was in agony. 

  • How can they put up with this? 
  • WHY do they put up with this? 

     Their past fundraisers appear to be pathetic.  They need a lot more than $3,000 if this is going to work.

     So I planned how to get there step by step for each major issue. It forced me to learn at a high rate, make contacts, study, make cold calls, practice at it, but getting out there just plain scared me.

     I went everywhere: embarrassing attempts to raise money at bars and real estate offices, awkward street corner displays, got kicked out of nursing homes and banks.

     I was just trying to get out there. Yet I wouldn’t engage enough. I quit. I was chicken. I raised half that was needed and I had to pay the rest out of my own pocket.

     But learned from this experience and the next time got all $3,000 I needed to fix up a baseball infield.

                   Before                                         After

     That’s why the fundraising fast formula is so great.

     You get control over your destiny. That first donation changed my life. Because I knew if I could do it once, I could do it again over and over.

     Since you are reading this letter I know you have a dream –

  • building your program,
  • changing lives,
  • making an impact, and
  • getting the funds and support you deserve.

     Or you already have a program and know it could be so much better and make use of what you already are doing.  

     Maybe you’re a parent, a coach, an athletic director, a little league board member and you just want to get funds in a big way.

     I believe youth development programs are part of the future of humanity driving progress. It’s about your sports program creating a positive impact in the world.

     That’s why I created the fundraising fast formula.

     So, how will this change your program?

I want to talk about the big game changers

     First is your list of prospective donors for your fundraising request.

     When it comes to a list of prospective donors, there are only two categories of people: those who have not started building their list yet, and those who want a bigger list.

     Focus on building your list. If you have not started yet, get started. Grow it.

     You need a great relationship with the people on your list. And then your fundraising gives you the best relationship you will ever have. 

     Next is your fundraising message itself. 

     If you are going to have real control over your own program, then you need to have your own fundraising message specific to your program.

     Create one that donors really want to support.

     If you knew with absolute certainly that people want to donate, you would step up.  But if you are hit with uncertainty, you procrastinate making the fundraising message.

     You think you need to get it absolutely perfect so you delay. I know. I do that too.

     You just need to start.

     Set a goal.

     Like: Get a year’s donations in one month. A stretch goal. Not an income goal, just a stretch goal.

    Some programs have gotten amazing results. But the thing is, it is all just a formula. With this formula you can start where you are and go from there.

     The secret – fundraising domino effect

     There’s a bit of a secret you probably don’t know. Many have experienced this. Until you actually have this experience it’s hard to understand this. I call it a fundraising domino effect.

     When I started, my goal was raising $3,000. It took two tries, but I got there.

     Then my goal was raising $10,000 and we raised over $33,000.

     Then we hit the $70,000 goal with a grant and then you just keeping dreaming bigger and dreaming more and more.

     Everyone and every program is different… and has a different number. So just take a second and think of your number.

     What’s a really big fundraising result for you? A number that is really large, but still within reach. Is it $2000? Maybe $10,000? Or $30,000… or $100,000 or more?

     Think about that number. Your number. Do you have it? Picture it in your mind.

     So here’s the thing, when you put in the work and you hit your fundraising goal, it’s an amazing thing. You are excited. You are jumping to the ceiling in joy.

     You’ll never forget that first fundraiser
that hit your goal

     And then you use the money in a very visible way:

  • new uniforms,
  • new player equipment,
  • field upgrades,
  • new field maintenance equipment and supplies,
  • a renovated ball park, field logos,
  • a scoreboard,
  • dugout benches finally,
  • a batting cage,
  • a real bullpen,
  • better irrigation and drainage,
  • and on and on… 

     But then comes something you did not expect... Fundraising domino effect.

     You notice people are treating you differently.

     More respect. Even the press comes to see you. You are featured in the newspaper. Gurus return your calls. People are treating you like an authority. An expert.

     People send you free stuff to try and ask to promote your next event.

  • They want you to come speak at their next event.  
  • They want you on their board. They want to partner with you.
  • They want to help you produce a program and want to join your team… Even donate more.

      Fundraising domino effect.

     Its about positioning. That usually takes years. But you get it quicker with a fast fundraiser. And the thing is this works in every youth sports program in every place.

    A short story about this affect on others...

     Once my son's high school baseball field was renovated twice, it was as good as any college baseball field in the region. It was exceptional in every way.  

     And you know what?  When visiting teams arrived on the bus, they got out near the right field foul pole. They looked at the field and the ballpark with eyes bugging out. They could have just as well got back on the bus.

     They were already demoralized before the game even started. The superior playing field and the home team out playing catch was stunning to most visiting teams.

     And it was successful fundraisers that made this  possible.

     And this has happened to other organizations such as little leagues, high schools, neighborhood watch programs, youth missions, park and recs, and even colleges.

     People from all over the world have benefited from this fundraising information.

How does this actually work?

     The fundraising fast formula has been refined three times. New tactics and strategies.

     The program is delivered to you for immediate access to the pdf ebooks, checklists, and bonus reports.

     So you get the five modules in the entire fundraising fast power pack plus 3 bonus special reports. I broke it up into individual training programs. You can work at your own pace. You can go back over the material at your own leisure. This is priceless.

     And I put together a Quick Start Kit for a fast, condensed version of the entire package.

     You get detailed fundraising templates to literally fill in the blanks. I cover strategy, tactics, and you learn the nuances to work your way through the templates to build a crushing fundraising message that donors are drooling over.

And this is where it all comes together

     Now the home stretch.

     How do you promote your fundraising message and pressure stack it in the request?

  • What happens after you get a donation?
  • How do you use the early results to plan the rest of the fundraiser?
  • What about new donors that join later?
  • What are the three keys things you do to maximize results?
  • How do you structure your fundraiser to keep the donations coming in?
  • What about as new donors come along?

     And here’s some pesky little details - how do you make sure you actually collect the money? What happens when you get a huge surge of donations?  And how does this apply to your  baseball team? Or your softball team?

Here's a brief description of what we cover
in the modules

     Your time is tight and so is mine. So the rest of the details is in the fundraising fast formula.

     I give you a collection of fundraising examples. Sales letter samples used in real fundraisers. A gold mine. Plug and play material. Blank spots in a plan you start to fill in.

     And you get case studies to walk you through exact situations.  You can learn from real world case studies.

     You are never alone. These are resources for you.

And I answer your questions every week.

     I have a crushing offer for you that is so over the top it is impossible to refuse.

     Not 1, not 2, but 3 bonuses. These bonuses are worth more than the entire cost of the program.

The Fundraising Fast Power Pack Program

The Fundraising Fast Manual

  • How to develop your fundraising message
  • How to get cash donations and discounts
  • Activities: pros/cons, mistakes to avoid

The Fundraising  Quick Start Kit

Speed up your fundraising with this 9 step plan including:

  • shortcuts and
  • insider success secrets

Fundraising Examples and Case Studies

learn from and to adapt for your program:

  • Real life letters,
  • flyers,
  • online promotions 

Pursuing a baseball field grant

  • Case studies of 5 successful grants,
  • a letter of inquiry, and
  • a winning grant application

How a High School Raised $33,000

Step by step how they did this for a Christian high school baseball team in
three months

Why Your Fundraiser Never Makes You Money

Are you doing one of these 12 bad things with your fundraiser?

How to Decide Where to Fundraise

Planning your strategy and goal and then how to decide where to advertise

How to Write Compelling Fundraiser Messages

Lessons learned and advice on how to make the 'ask', the call to action

     What about the cost of the fundraising fast program?  It is an investment in your business.

     To start with, you need to be able to invest $39 to grab your copy of the fundraising fast power pack program. This makes sure only serious people make a claim.

     Two ways you can’t lose:

  • First – you put it together and you crush it with donations. You need a calculator figure your return.
  • Second – if you get distracted and just can’t do it. Take an 8 week look and if it doesn't work for you, then get a full money back guarantee.

     I put my money where my mouth is. You have a full 8 weeks to decide if the fundraising fast formula is right for you. If it isn’t, just let us know we’ll gladly refund your money no hassles, no hard feelings.

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     Now one last thing I need to mention...

     I only open access to the fundraising fast power pack program at this price for 5 days and then I double the price.  Your price here is the deal as I launch this product.

     If you want to get in, buy soon. If you miss out, the odds are pretty good that they’ll be another fundraising program deal in 7-9 months and maybe it will be right for you then.

     But the question I ask myself is this:

  • If not now, when? 
  • If not me, then who?

     If you want a different result in your life and program then you need to take a different type of action.

     One last thing. Some people think I have some magic powers. It’s not about me. I’m not some fundraising magician. 

     I just stumbled upon something 13 years ago and that discovery led to the fundraising fast formula.

     Since then I have been continually working on it to perfect the results. It is a system, a method, a formula, used with amazing success. I successfully taught others how to do this over and over.

     Remember, this is about taking baby steps. It’s about taking that first action. And build on that action, and gradually improving and gradually creating the baseball program you and your athletes deserve.

     If you are ready to have that kind of success, then your next step is to click the order button below and get your own copy of the fundraising fast power pack program.

     You know I started this message with a story about two young men. One stepped up and invested in his training and his future.

     I faced a similar decision a few years ago whether I was ready to step up and invest in the future of my son’s baseball dream. I’m so incredibly fortunate that I said yes.

     And that decision took my son’s high school baseball program from broken to a state championship team with dozens of players going on with college scholarships or selection in the MLB draft.

     Without a doubt, the coaching was great and the players were dedicated and determined.  But raising funds for good equipment and great baseball field didn't hurt either!

     And it has been helping thousands of people since.

     I told you about how I was faced with decisions... To invest in the future or not. My sons and their sports programs were dwindling and their organization was just scratching to stay alive.

     I sat there looking at the my computer screen. Should I invest in learning how to fundraise now or not?

     I was at a crossroads. My life path could go forward one of two different ways.  Thankfully that day I made the decision to step up and invest in my son's baseball program.

     That one decision reverberated through all of the program and the school and continues to make a positive impact for the youth in the community.

     The difference is absolutely breathtaking. Every area is better when I made the decision to invest in the material with fundraising fast formula.  If you tried to buy back the fundraising fast program from me there is no way I’d do it even at a hundred times what it costs.

     You have a big decision. I can’t make it for you. The only things I can do is tell you about the fundraising fast formula and tell you it absolutely works. Worked for me and for others.

     You need to learn the formula and work the formula because the formula works.

     Dozens and dozens, really hundreds, of organizations have made the same decision before you and have used my material and together they brought in many hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations in cash and in kind. 

     These include youth sports, neighborhood watch groups, girls high school and college softball, boys high school and college baseball, girls tennis, and churches, schools, orphanages, middle schools, public and private schools, youth programs.

Here is a partial list of those who have benefited:

Valley Christian Academy high school baseball

Bethany College baseball

Bethany College girls softball

NY college girls tennis

Sunrise Little League

STL middle school

Kihei Little League

     None of these are typical, no one is typical. What is typical is that after you have your first successful fundraiser you start planning your next.

     Life is never the same for your program again after a successful fundraiser.

     But if you decide to pass up on this investment, I can guarantee you this: Your life, your program, your athlete’s potential won’t be any better tomorrow than it is today.

     Now is the time. Now is the time to step up.
There’s never been a better time.

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Jim Reiner
Author, publisher, groundskeeper, fundraiser

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NOTE: The fundraising fast Handbook and Bonus Guides are downloadable manuals and special reports in PDF. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download and view the field maintenance handbook and all the bonus reports on your computer. The handbook and guide format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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