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I want to fix up my ballpark.
So, how do I get started?

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This is how to begin...

Baseball Field Maintenance Essentials

It’s better to do a little planning before you start. That way you'll incorporate the right materials, equipment, and labor to get the job done.

Let’s look at some basic ‘need to know’ information first, and then some choices for whipping your field into shape.

  1. The best way to begin is to conduct a pre-season audit of the field. Using the checklists you can evaluate the dirt and turf playing surface. Identify the problems you need to fix and the improvements you want to make.

  2. Most fields have some sort of problem or another... soil buildup, lips, ruts, uneven surfaces, or worn out areas. The turf maintenance and dirt maintenance sections tell you everything you need to know before you start.

  3. Next you need to know something about the field you are working with. What size is it? little league, high school, college? See the diagrams and field layouts section for the official measurements you need to follow.

  4. And you need to know what kind and how much seed, fertilizer, or topdressing you need based on the size of your field. And what kind of equipment do you need to do the job? Find this information in the equipment and products section.

  5. If you're like me, it's always good to see a real example. The case studies and projects section has examples from simple maintenance to full scale renovation and reconstruction.  I know you're anxious to get started, but taking a look at these will really help you a lot.

Each section includes tips & hints as well as common mistakes to avoid. And if you really want to see some maintenance goofs that will turn your stomach, check out this section. You definitely don't want these to happen to you!  Do some planning before you get started on your project.

Now you have a plan. You know the products and equipment needed and you have an idea how much labor is going to be required.

So how do you pay for this? Most of us coaches and parents don't have much money to work with. So, how to do you get started if you don't have much money?  You'll find some great ideas in the funding section. Included are ideas for getting immediate discounts and donations as well as putting in place longer term sources of everything it takes to get the job done.

You might be asking , 'How do I make a successful presentation of my plan to my board members, ayhletic directors, or park officials?' I've included some great examples for you to start from.

The biggest obstacle to your project will not be lack of money. It won't be lack of equipment and it won't be lack of supplies. It will be this - someone taking the initiative, putting together a plan, and getting a few good helpers. That's what it takes. And it is easy.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions to get you going. 

Looking to be a complete field maintenance master?  Check out the 2015 edition of the baseball field maintenance handbook:
Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook


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So, how many people come to the ballpark day after day, see the problems, but walk away wishing someone would fix it? Well, you can fix it!

Be a hero. Skim through this guide. Make a plan. Follow it.


Tip: coordinate your work with the timing of park district or school district schedules for mowing, irrigation, and maintenance. Use this to your advantage.


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