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FAQ - How much do I need?
fertilizer, seed, and dirt?


Upgrading your field, but find yourself wondering how much you need? 
How many pounds or tons or yards?

Your field needs a serious facelift.  You plan to overseed, fertilize, and use top dressing.  You're going to do the whole 10 step turf maintenance upgrade.

So, how do I figure out how much do I need to do the job right?

  1. The overseed rate is 6 to 8 pounds per 1000 sq ft. One 50 pound bag is good for a high school size infield. One 50 pound bag can overseed 2 little league infields.  A typical high school outfield will need 7-9 bags of seed.

  2. Apply seed to new areas at double the rate as overseeding or about 10-15 pounds per 1000 sq ft.

  3. Fertilize generally at a rate of 5 pounds per 1000 sq ft.  So, a 50 pound bag is more than enough for a high school size infield.  A little league infield will take about 25 pounds. A typical high school outfield will need 9 bags.  A typical little league outfield will need 3 bags.

  4. Topdress on the infield turf at a rate of 5-10 yards for a high school size infield.   A little league size infield will take 3-5 yards on the turf.  Use less if the infield is in good shape and level.  Use more if the infield has ruts and low spots you are leveling out.  I used top dressing on a high school outfield once.  Once was enough.  I used 40 tons which was not enough and I spent most of two days spreading it. How much do I need?  It can vary quite a bit, but these guidelines generally work.

  5. Turface on the infield skin and basepaths. Use two of the 50 pounds bags on homeplate, the mound, and the basepaths.  Cover a high school size infield with 40 bags.  Use a nail drag to work it in.

  6. Improving warning track at a high school field.  I used 8 yards of a mix that was 50% decomposed granite and 50% crushed red lava rock.

  7. Adding baseball mix to your infield skin.  Depends somewhat on how much you are missing, but a start is 10 yards on a high school size field and 5 yards on a little league field.

Once you've read through the answer your question how much do I need it's a good idea to review the getting started section.





bag of fertilizer and seed
50 lb bags are the
most economical

bag of fertilizer and seed

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