Irrigate Your Baseball Field Turf

Irrigate Your Baseball Field Turf

Step nine in baseball field turf maintenance is to water the turf

What you're going to do

Irrigation must immediately follow seeding and fertilizing.

Why you do this

Watering helps do a number of things. Obviously it helps the seed germinate and grow.

It also helps the topdressing settle a bit more and it helps the fertilizer work down to the grass roots.

How you do this

To water, wet the entire field, but do not soak the field to where puddling may occur. New seed must be kept moist without puddling.

It is only important to keep the soil damp, but this must be done daily.

Once seeds germinate and establish turf, it is best to soak the field when watering, but irrigate much less often.


Hand water any special needs areas such as restoring base cutouts.  You need to irrigate to get grass to grow, whether it's new grass or existing turf.

Mistakes to avoid
  1. If puddling occurs, the seed will float, form rings, and cause inconsistent growth.

  2. if you don't water enough or you water too much, you can end up with patchy results.

watering after seeding

watering after fertilizing

hand water corners

over watering kills turf

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