Mark Your Baseball Field Sprinklers

Mark Sprinklers on Your Baseball Field

Step two in baseball field turf maintenance is to mark your
sprinklers so you don't hit them in the next steps.

What you're going to do

Mark sprinklers so the aerator, edger, or other large
equipment does not damage the sprinklers.

Why you do this

You don't want to damage sprinkler heads. Damaged sprinklers are hard to replace. They are typically not the kind of sprinkler heads you use on your home lawn.

Baseball field sprinklers are larger, might have to be purchased a specialized landscape shops, and need manual adjustments for spray rotation and distance. It can be done, but it's a hassle.

How you do this

This is usually at least a two person job.

One person turns on the sprinklers station by station and the others run around the field and mark sprinklers with the flags.

Tips & Hints
  1. Put the flags on the side of the sprinkler closest to the dirt around the infield. That way you can edge knowing exactly how close you are getting to the sprinklers. Trust me. A sod cutter or an aerator can totally damage a sprinkler head. So can a steam roller or a delivery truck that drives on one.

  2. Leave the flags in until you absolutely have to take them out. Even when you are all done with the turf maintenance process, flags on the field tell others there is something going on here and maybe they should stay off.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Skipping this step and guessing or hoping you don't hit a sprinkler.

    You'd be surprised where you find sprinklers when you have someone cycle through the stations. I've found fields with sprinklers in the infield dirt, on the edge of the basepath, near homeplate, and doubled up near the outfield grass. Seems that over time, irrigation problems are fixed in some unorthodox and surprising ways... just like the shortcuts you take on your home lawn!

    You should mark sprinklers or you risk damaging them when using machines: aerators, edgers, rollers, or tillers.

  2. Don't let some joker move the flags on you. Yes, I had this happen, but I was sharp enough to have remembered they were exactly between the bases about 6 inches in from the dirt.

flags marking sprinklers

a flagged sprinkler

flagged sprinkler at 1B

exact location of flag

mark those sprinklers!

Hit by an aerator

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