most common mistakes with baseball field layout

FAQ - What are the most common
mistakes with field layout?


There are several common mistakes
made with field layout.

  1. Second base is not in the right spot. The center of the bag should be at the apex of the measurements from first and third.  For example on a 60 foot little league field, the center of second base (the base peg) should be 60 feet from first and third base.

  2. The infield mound is not the right height.  Well, I'm sure you've seen plenty of infield mounds that just don't quite look right.  They are often too high.  The last one I surveyed was 14 inches instead of 10 inches above homeplate.

  3. The pitcher rubber is out of line with home plate and it probably is not level either.  Stand on the pitching rubber and look at homeplate.  Does it look crooked? If so, measure from the back point of the plate to each side of the pitching rubber.  I've found these to be off by as much as 2 inches.  That creates a big angle off line.  This is common on fastpitch softball fields due to the pressure the pitcher puts on the rubber.

  4. The mound has no table top - it's just a bump in the middle of the infield.  This is probably the most common mistake.  The mound is more like a bump or a hill.  A pitcher could actually fall backwards off the rubber.  Much attention is given (sometimes) to the landing holes where a pitcher lands, but seldom to the back side of the mound.

  5. There's no way to water the bullpen mounds to fix them.  Add this to the list of most common mistakes.  Many bullpens are so bad, the pitcher is better off warming up on flat ground in the oufield foul area.


These are just a few of the most common mistakes.  Click here for more baseball field maintenance goofs you don't want to repeat.

proper mound height
maintain the proper
distance, height, and
level on your infield

bullpen ignored
the bullpen - ignored

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