Mowers for your baseball field

Using a Mower on your Baseball Field
show off your good turf

Choices and Decisions

Walk-behind or riding models:

  1. Riding for the outfield for sure. It's so big.

  2. Walk-behind is ideal for the infield so you get a feel for your infield - bumps, lumps, low spots, etc. But riding mowers get the job done too.

Rotary or Reel:

  1. Rotary is most common. Easy to find. Cheaper.

  2. Reel mowers can give a better cut, a lower cut, and leave the nice stripes you sometimes see on baseball fields. These are higher maintenance and cost more.

Push or self-propelled walk-behind:

  1. Even a small field is a lot to do with a push mower. But maybe your players could use the character building from doing this.

  2. Self propelled mowers give more consistency with the cut and rate of cutting. This all gives you healthier turf and a nicer looking field.


Sources and Suppliers

Suppliers I've used and am satisfied with: Home Depot. Not much to say here about sources except use the best you can afford.

Tips & Hints
  1. If you rent a mower, get the grass catcher too. You might just need it. Better safe than sorry and have to rake the whole field.

  2. Reel mowers are best for the first few mowings after over- seeding. They cut without sucking up the seedlings like a rotary version will.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. A dinky little 20 inch home lawn mower will take way to long on a large field. If your grass is long and you use the catcher it will fill up after every pass of the field. Do you want to spend 2 hours mowing your infield? I don't, but I did this once too many times.

  2. Don't mow without a catcher and blow the grass all over the infield dirt area. It's messy and does not blend well into your dirt.


riding mower
rotary ridng mower

big park and rec mower
Park & Rec type 'small'
rotary riding mower

riding reel mower
riding reel mowerreel mower
walk-behind, self-propelled, reel mower

home lawn mower
rotary home lawn

grass too long on the baseball field
grass a little too long - cut it down with a riding mower and then baby it later with walk-behind mowers

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