Mowing Your Baseball Field Turf

Mowing Your Baseball Field Turf

Step one in baseball field turf maintenance is to mow the grass

What you're going to do

Mow the baseball field turf.

If you are removing quite a bit, then you need to use a grass catcher or rake up the grass.

If your field is normally mowed at least once a week, then you probably can let the clippings lay on the turf

Why you do this

You need to get a good mowing in before proceeding with overseeding and fertilizing.

You'll need to wait now for at least three weeks before mowing again. Otherwise the new seedlings will be destroyed.

How you do this

Outfields are typically mowed via riding mowers or park district mowers. These are huge rotary mowers that don't catch the grass, but let the clippings lie.

Infields can be mowed by riding mowers or walk behind mowers.
I prefer the walk behind mowers.

See this section on various machines you can use to mow your baseball field.

Tips & Hints

  1. The infield turf should be given extra attention. I prefer mowing it with a walk behind mower. That way you get a feel for the ruts, holes, and undulations that cause the bad bounces. You'll know what and where the problem areas are. When you topdress you can fix these. You'll also get a good first hand look at the edges and lips for further repair. There's nothing like mowing an infield to really know your field.

  2. Reel mowers can safely mow the grass shorter. If you use a rotary mower on a field that is not perfectly flat, you'll end up with some scalped spots. Well, that's one way to level out the lumps.

  3. Time your project with the scheduled mowing by park or school districts. Let them cut the outfield with the larger machines and trim the infield and foul areas with their smaller machines.

  4. Try to mow it just a bit shorter than normal. It will be about three weeks before you mow again if you overseed.
Mistakes to avoid
  1. Skipping this step because your grass doesn't look that long. You'll be surprised how much it will grow after you finish the rest of the turf maintenance steps. I can tell you from experience, if your field hasn't been mowed in over a week before proceeding, you'll have to fight through the grass later when you start mowing again.

  2. Mowing the infield with large riding mowers can put ruts in there. Yikes.

  3. Mowing too short on very hot days. You'll stress the grass.

  4. Not waiting three weeks after overseeding before you mow. You'll kill a lot of the little seedlings if you mow too soon.

mowing the outfield

a little too long...

Park & Rec type mower

rotary mower

reel mower

too short when it's hot

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