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Over Seed Bare Spots in Baseball Sod - The Key to Success.

bare spots in baseball sod

David writes:

The sod on my baseball fields has a few bare spots that I would love to fix.

I read that some folks think seeding on sod really isn't the best way.

I have read about how to add sod to the bad areas, but I wanted to know what you thought if I over seed bare spots in my baseball sod.

Do you think it would be huge difference?
Thanks again.

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Hi David,

If you over seed bare spots in baseball sod after aerating you get great in strengthening and thickening up thin turf.

If you have completely bare spots you can either over seed it or use sod to fill it in. Either way you usually need to wait three weeks before playing on it.

Regarding if you over seed bare spots in baseball sod - seed needs to touch dirt to grow. So, you have to make that happen.

Mow the grass short first.

Then do one of three things:

  1. core aerate and break up the dirt cores by dragging over them or
  2. add a light amount of topsoil or
  3. water the seed down to the dirt.

If you have thick, dormant sod then you do need to break it up for the seed to work. Seed has to touch dirt to germinate. Given all this, I'd try the seeding if I were you. You can always add sod later if the seeding doesn't come through well enough.

Have a great spring season!

Yours for better play more often,

J. Reiner

Jim Reiner
Publisher, Editor, & Groundskeeper
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Jim Reiner Jim Reiner was a groundskeeper with the Texas Rangers AAA team and has been involved with baseball his entire adult life.  He devotes his efforts to training coaches, players, and parents of all levels of youth baseball and softball to use their existing field and turn it into a safe, high performance field. Jim's website has been online since 2006 helping hundreds of thousands from little league to pro baseball improve their ball fields. 

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