Project: Complete Infield Renovation for College & PONY baseball

Case Study -
Complete Infield Renovation
for College Baseball

The Safety and Improvement Needs:

The Baseball Field Improvements will renovate and add improvements to a baseball field used by high school, community PONY leagues, and college.

The activities include: infield turf renovation, irrigation improvements, home plate and mound reconstruction, baseball dirt improvements, and bullpen reconstruction.

The biggest problem on the field is the fact that there is a 60 foot diameter hump around the mound as a result of adding fines to the mound every year for 50 years.  The rain had washed tons of it out into the grass.  Very few grounders bounce in a straight line!


The Baseball Field Renovation & Improvement Project:

  1. Remove 2700 sq ft of sod in the center of the infield
  2. Remove 30 tons of dirt to level the infield turf
  3. Mix in 15 tons of topsoil, compost, and sand as a base for replacing the old sod & adding new sod in front of mound
  4. Blend 55 tons of clay and baseball dirt into all the infield skin areas
  5. Cutout grass areas to professional specs
  6. Roll turf and dirt flat & level with a 3-ton steam roller
  7. Build bullpens and a new infield mound
  8. Improve turf with 300 pounds of seed & fertilizer and top dress with 13 tons of sand


The Work:

First cut & remove sod, remove 60’ diameter hump in the middle of the infield


Start to build the

mound, level dirt, add topsoil and replace the sod


Add/spread dirt and clay on the infield and base paths


Blend all dirt areas with a tractor tiller, roll with 1 ton roller, spread seed and fertilizer; prepare for new sod in front of the mound


Finish infield mound, lay new sod, finish bullpens, cleanup scraps


Remove rocks from dirt, roll grass with 100 lb lawn roller, first mowing.  The give it a short mowing, flatten with 1-ton roller, top dress with sand, complete the edging.








Finished Project:  A legit collegiate field for college play



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