Project: Total Turf Maintenance Upgrade for Little League

Project - Little League Field
Turf Maintenance and Lip Removal
Does your field have a lip so big it's like a speed bump?
This one did.  We fixed it.


The Problem Area

Most little league fields eventually get a BIG lip build up if preventative measures aren't taken.  This field got a huge lip buildup for a couple reasons:

  1. 5 tons of crushed brick baseball mix was added in the spring by just dumping and spreading it on top.  It stayed too loose.  For the best way to add baseball dirt to a little league field and mix it and firm it up check here.
  2. Then 5 more tons of the stuff was added in the summer just for the fun of it.  Coaches thought it looked nice when it was wet down.  Sure did.  But it was loose all over the place.
  3. And the biggest problem of all - dragging over the edge of the grass. For the proper way to maintain your infield dirt and avoid a major lip removal project, click here.


Fixing It

We used a sod cutter to fix the lip buildup and to edge the rest of the turf to spec.

  1. First, we located the sprinklers along the edge of the outfield grass and the infield dirt.  They were all in a perfect arc 53 feet from the center of the mound.  So we knew where not to cut.
  2. Then I used the sod cutter and cut off the grass and the lip buildup that ranged from 48 feet to 52 feet from the mound.  This was a four foot wide area like a speed bump.
  3. Next, we rolled up the bad grass, raked the dirt smooth, and hauled the scraps away using a wheelbarrow.
  4. Lastly, we lined out the infield grass to spec and used the sod cutter to remove minor lip buildup as well as make it nice and straight. 

Tips & Hints

  1. For a project like this it really helps working with someone who can measure properly and draw a straight line next to the stringer.  The guy I worked with was great at doing this.
  2. For more info and ways to remove lip buildup check here.


little league field with lip buildup
dragging over the
grass line results in
grass growing past its
correct arc

little league field with lip buildup
loose dirt created a
"speed bump"

kiss cutter sod cutter
My favorite cutter

little league field with lip removed
after the lip is removed

little league infield edged
little league infield
edged to spec

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