Project: softball field total playing surface upgrade

Case Study - Softball Field
Total Playing Surface Upgrade

The Safety and Improvement Needs:

  • eliminate major lip buildup at the grass edges
  • correct the orientation of pitcher rubber and homeplate
  • get rid of bad bounces and poor footing
  • stabilize the pitching area and batter boxes
  • improve dirt areas for competitive quality footing and bounces

mostly crushed red
brick providing no
good footing at all


The Playing Field Upgrade Plan:

You can see in this picture the problem areas:
poor edges and loose footing


"Before" photos of the softball field:

The plan to correct this:

  1. edge turf areas
  2. remove lip buildups
  3. reinforce the pitcher and batter areas with clay
  4. till in 12 tons of clay to the top 3-4 inches of the skin and roll it flat


The Deliveries:



The Work:







Finished Product: