Meet the Baseball Field Renovator

Meet the Renovator

Another way to make a difference
for our youth


Jim welcomes those who seek him out to improve their ball fields to increase safety and playability.  He devotes his efforts to training coaches, players, and parents of all levels of youth baseball and softball to use their existing field and turn it into a safe, high performance field.

His efforts -- both in groups and one-on-one -- transform ball fields to give your athletes the opportunity to perform at their highest levels. 

Jim has completed projects from minor upgrades to major renovations for all levels of baseball and softball from T-Ball to College and everything in between.  Prior to working in the corporate setting, he was a groundskeeper for the Texas Rangers AAA team.

He is also recognized for his efforts as the Sunrise Little League Volunteer of the Year for 2006 and the Outstanding City Volunteer by The City of Santa Cruz for 2005. 

A quality baseball experience is possible.  He believes in giving back to make a difference for others. Creating great ball fields is just one way he invests in our youth and to help create lifelong habits for success.

"With this guide, you not only have the power to create a great baseball experience... you have the power to make a difference.  How about using that power… to make a difference."

"God Bless YOU and YOURS!"


Jim sums up his guide in five phases.

Evaluation -- Plan -- Action -- Results -- Celebration!

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