Repair turf edges - seed or sod?

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Repair Turf Edges - Seed, Sod, or Fill With Sand or Dirt?

bad turf edge

Art in Florida writes:

Our high school field is in good shape with the exception of some turf areas in the outfield.

The turf edges (bermuda) and the warning track (crushed shell) has very thin or missing turf. Our first home game is February 23 - in four weeks. Do we have time to repair these areas before the first home game?

Should we use sand to fill in gaps and add seed or use sod for a quicker fix?

Thanks again.

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Hi Art,

My experience is that new sod takes a minimum of three weeks for the roots to set before you play on it. So, you might have just the right amount of time to sod in the missing places.

If cost is a factor, you could also put out sand/compost on the missing areas and seed it to repair turf edges. Roll, mulch, and water regularly as needed.

This is sight unseen, but is your bermuda dormant or green and growing? You're in Florida, but I know folks in southern Texas and their bermuda is dormant for another two months.

Do you ever use a cool season perennial rye to overseed in the fall/winter? This also is a way to get some green grass growing there in a couple weeks. It will slowly give way to the bermuda as the temperatures stay over 85. This is common on fields in the mid temperate zones of the US. Cool season grass (rye and bluegrass) in the spring and fall and bermuda in the summer.

Conclusion - I'n sure you want to repair turf edges to it blends in with the rest of the field. Sod might be the best if you can get it to match. Seeding is an option, but it will take a while or possibly not match color right off. Over time as you fertilize it will blend in.  You can fix turf edges with seed or sod.  In the above picture I used a strip of sod about 18 inches wide to repair turf edges along the first base line.

Have a great spring season!

Yours for better play more often,

J. Reiner

Jim Reiner
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