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Sports Field Care - The Most Important Skill You'll Ever Learn
August 10, 2007  --  Issue 19
Better Fields for Better Play
Jim Reiner

Sports Field Care.  

It can be simple...  Just put out the bases and play.   

Or it can be more complex...  Lots of activity using all sorts of equipment, tools, materials, and checklists.

So, what's it all about? 

What really is the most important skill I've learned while taking care of a sports field?

It's this. Stay focused. 

Stay focused on the one and only reason for sports field care.  And on a baseball field, this is what it's all about==>:

A true bounce and firm footing.

Think about it.  We want the turf and dirt areas to give the players a true and consistence bounce.  We don't want surprises on hard hit grounders. 

It's bad enough when a poor bounce results in an error or a cheap hit. 

But, I've seen many a player miss half a season due to a bad hop off the end of a finger - breaking it.  I've seen an infielder take one in the throat because a ball popped up off the grass edge. 

And we want players to have firm footing.  No slipping while running, pitching, or stealing.  Poor footing can lead to player injuries. 

I've seen a pitcher stretch a leg muscle because he slipped on landing.  And I've seen base runners and fielders slip. 

They can't make the play when they can't get good footing.

So, the most important skill to learn as we care for our sports field is to focus.  Focus our time and energy first on true and consistent bounces and firm footing. 

The rest of sports field care - baseball field maintenance is just to make it look pretty.

My goal in providing you information is that you increase the safety and playability of your sports field 


Yours for better play more often,

J. Refiner

Jim Reiner
Publisher, Editor, & Groundskeeper
The Ultimate Baseball Field Renovation Guide

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