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The Coach Thinks in Terms of Results
Better Fields for Better Play
Jim Reiner

Now here's a high school coach who has it down.  When it's time for practice to start, his players are in the dugout, cleats on, and ready to go.

He works them hard.  Sets up multiple stations for hitters, fielders, and runners... works them for two and half hours.

But he doesn't do anything to prep the field before practice starts. 

Why?  Because he ends practice with prep work so thorough and disciplined that he can start the next practice without being concerned about playing field conditions.

The pitchers rake, wet, and pack the foot holes on the mound.  The cathers rake, wet, and pack the batter boxes and the catcher's area.  Outfielders drag the field with a mat drag.  Infielders use plastic rakes to rake out all loose dirt along the infield grass edge.  All garbage is picked up.  All tools are put away.  All baseball equipment is put away.

Every player knows what he is supposed to do when practice ends.  They work together.  They might horseplay a bit, but it gets done quick. And it gets done right. 

And a couple times a week a few players use their 6th period free time to help mow the infield and the outfield with a riding mower.

But, practice time is just that - intense practice time. 

This coach thinks in terms of results. 

And the result he is pursuing is championship baseball and players of character.  The baseball program is helping young men develop lifelong habits for success.

Proper field maintenance can be a significant part of the result we are all hoping for - productive, responsible young men and women in America.

And they get to play a game in the process too.


Yours for better play more often,

J. Reiner

Jim Reiner
Publisher, Editor, & Groundskeeper
The Ultimate Baseball Field Renovation Guide

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