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How to Bust Through Funding Barriers Like They Were Paper Walls
April 2, 2007  --  Issue 1
Better Fields for Better Play
Jim Reiner

  • Why your fund raising is failing you...
  • Why your flyers and letters are not effective...
  • what you must do NOW to get a better response

From my experience as a past president of a baseball booster club, there are two things you need to do to bust through fund raising barriers.  If you must have a better response I'll cover the first thing you need to do:

1. You will have a better long term success funding your baseball field projects if you start with your 'reason for being'

Think this through.  You'll use this to market your program.  A fund raising message without a reason for being is just too vague to get many folks to commit money to your program.

Here's how you come up with a clear statement for your program's reason for being.  This works whether it's little league, PONY, high school, or college.  Whether it's boys or girls.  Whether it's baseball, softball, or any other sport or activity.

Complete the sentence below: (this helps you develop your fund raising message)

"My program helps (whom?) do (what?) better than any other program in the world by (how?)."

Here's how I used this for a youth baseball team I worked with:

"This program helps young men develop life long habits for success by combining athletics, character building, and personal responsibility.   The program is run by experts who don't just teach baseball, but have demonstrated success with 6 straight years of championships and 7 players with college scholarships." 

You need to think about your own program and complete the sentence.  Develop your own fund raising message.

I worked with this and settled on two short phrases:

  • Developing lifelong habits for success
  • Helping young men develop lifelong habits for success

Then I talked with some of the players about the character building part of the program.  Here's what they told me they were learning in their own words:

  • Discipline, Diligence, Respect, Friendship, Teamwork, & Personal Responsibility

I put these ideas into every flyer, every handout, every fundraising letter, and every verbal message about the team whether it was for fundraising or not.  I used it enough it just became part of what I said about the program.

In a future article I'll cover the second thing you need to do that gets folks to reach for their wallet or their checkbook and make YOU a donation.

Have fun!

Yours for better play more often,

J. Reiner

Jim Reiner
Publisher, Editor, & Groundskeeper
The Ultimate Baseball Field Renovation Guide

For a more examples and further discussion of this article see the complete explanation of this hidden secret of successfully funding your projects.

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