Spot seed Your Baseball Field Turf

Spotseed Your Baseball Field Turf
Step ten in baseball field turf maintenance is to
fil in thin spots in the turf

What you're going to do

After 1 to 1-1/2 weeks, the seed should be germinating.

It is essential to add seed to any areas where there is thin growth caused by inconsistent watering patterns or thunderstorms.

Why you do this

You want to ensure consistent turf coverage and growth. Spot seeding fills in thin areas. This helps improve the field so it is safe, true, and consistent.

How you do this
  1. Lightly rake any area with thin growth to loosen the soil.

  2. Spread seed to areas of thin growth.

  3. Lightly topdress with a mixture of sand and soil or compost.

  4. Remember to continue the same irrigation pattern of frequent, light waterings until there is established turf covering the field.

Tips & Hints

  1. Use the same kind of seed to spotseed that you used for the overseeding.

Mistakes to avoid
  1. Don't just pile on the seed in the thin areas without covering it with dirt. If you do, one of two things usually occurs: the birds eat it or the sprinklers cause puddling and the seed floats to the edges leaving the middle of the thin area still thin.

    Once I left a team with 50 pounds of seed to spotseed after three weeks. They used it all up on a couple small thin areas!

  2. For other maintenance goofs as well as spotseed mistakes, check this out.

spot seeding helps this

don't skimp on seed

spot seed with the same
seed used earlier

needs spot seeding

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