The player with a winning baseball field - part 1

The Player With
A Winning Baseball Field

The steroid-taking disciples of Jose Canseco would have despised this young man.

True enough – baseball is a team sport with individual performances.

And for this young man his passion indeed was to excel in baseball. It wasn’t until later he realized just how much baseball was building his lifelong habits for success as well providing an outlet for fun and competition.

two happy ballplayers
Let us now follow this young man from childhood to his Major League Baseball tryout. We will focus as much on the player on the field as on the ball field itself. This young man had a better baseball experience and also invested in every community where ever he found himself.

For most young men the initial interest and dream to play baseball comes from a mom or dad. And so it was here. This young man had a dad who as a youth played baseball summer and winter. Sunshine or snow. The dad had played to his heart’s content… till a high school baseball field caused an injury that shutdown any hopes for future competitive play.

This dad still loved to throw a ball and hit fungos to the fence. So when his first born son came along, so did wiffle balls, baseballs, bats, and gloves. As the dad and the son started to play catch in the back yard, the dad noticed his little guy had quite an ability to throw and he hit his target dead on. By the time this young man was six he was convinced he wanted to be a pitcher.

So off to little league he went. Now the sports complex where they played had 5 baseball fields. They were used by teams from age 5 to 18 and ranged in size and quality. Now the baseball field where this young man started was known at the time as the ‘arm pit of Citrus Heights’. In other words, this baseball field absolutely sucked. It was an all dirt infield with lumps and bumps, and had an outfield of knee high weeds hiding holes all over the place.

Such was this young man’s humble initiation into organized baseball. He was having fun and a poor field just wasn’t going to get in his way… until the awful events when he was 13. At that time he was having his best year ever at the plate and on the mound. But a disgusting field injury ruined his chance to make his first all-star team.

You probably know that this is the age group where baseball has its biggest drop in participation. Around age 13-14. Baseball is competing against lots of other distractions and interests for guys this age. The sport gets more competitive as you get older. And it is harder to make a team as you get older.

The last thing I want is a ball field induced injury to cause a promising player to be discouraged and hang up the spikes. That is just so sad. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the next article I’ll tell you about this young man’s injury and I’ll also tell you seven horror stories others have shared with me. These are stories of baseball fields gone bad that have caused injuries, aches, broken hearts, and wasted time and money.

It’s a good thing this young man and his baseball experience eventually had a happy ending. Will yours be a player with a winning ball field?

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