Tools for your baseball field

Tools for Baseball Field Maintenance

Choices and Decisions
  1. Do you have a place to store them? Is it protected from thieves?

  2. Will you have to haul them with you wherever you go?

  3. Are you sharing them with other? Do you all know how to take care of them?

  4. Do the players help take care of the field or do the coaches or parents do it all?


Sources and Suppliers

Suppliers I've used and am satisfied with: Home Depot and Lowes. There are many other sources.

Maintenance Tools

Batter's box chalker or paint sprayer

Base hole covers

Batter's box and catcher's box outline frames

Buckets: 2 gal and 5 gal; haul small tools or materials

Push broom to remove dirt from grass edges

Drags: metal mesh, nail, and mat or brush drags for finishing

Ear Protection for noisy machines

Edge cutter



Hand cart or dolly; useful for hauling heavy bags or buckets

Hula hoe

Level for pitching rubber

Line marker and nail to hold in place

Mound and hitting mats

Pencil, pen, and paper to make notes

Rakes: fan rake, garden rake, large field rakes, claw

Rope: for pulling drags if needed

Shovels: flat edge and pointed

Spreader for seed and fertilizer: cyclone is best

Sprinkling (watering) can: getting water to bullpen mounds

Squeegee: to remove puddle water if necessary

String line


Tape measures: 12 foot and 200 foot

Tarpaulins and something heavy to hold them down

Watering equipment - hoses, nozzles, quick coupler sprinklers

Wheelbarrow or push cart

White paint: bases, rubber, homeplate

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Don't leave tools in the rain to rust.

  2. Don't let tools loose screws and become loose and unreliable.

  3. Tools are locked and not available to those who use the field and would like to help maintain it. Therefore, the field deteriorates. The players loose out on a good baseball experience.


field rakes at work
field rakes at work
field rake at work

shovels and carts
shovels and cartsshovels and carts

small hand drag
drag small enough
to be pulled by hand

mound tools
mound tools at work

water for the field
can't maintain the field without water

pro team supply room
a pro team's supply room

Baseball Field Maintenance Equipment 
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