The best Topdressing for your baseball field

Topdressing for your Baseball Field
Help the root zone and smooth out ruts
or dips in your turf with topdressing

Choices and Decisions

What is the best topdressing mix?

  1. Best choice is some combination of topsoil, sand, and compost.

  2. Get at least a sand and compost mix.

How much?

  1. 5-10 yards for a high school infield.

  2. 3-5 yards for a little league infield.


Sources and Suppliers

Suppliers I've used and am satisfied with:

topdressing mix - Cascade Rock, Central Home Supply
topdressing quality sand - Granite Construction

Tips & Hints
  1. You need a way to get the material from the dumped pile to your turf area. Plan on using wheelbarrows, tractor loaders, or carts you can pull. It's heavy. You need to move alot.

  2. Don't worry about putting it on perfectly even. Spread with a field rake and then drag once or twice to smooth it out nicely.

  3. Topdressing can be used on just the bare spots or on the entire field.

  4. Don't use it all up. Save a small pile for later when you do some minor leveling or spot seeding.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. You don't want rocks or sticks in your topdressing. Make sure you order good stuff or you'll be picking it out or have to just live with it.


10 yard pile of top dressing
10 yard pile of

topdressing up close
great stuff to grow

tractor hauling top dressing
a tractor at work
hauling and moving
topdressingtractor hauling top dressing

contents of top dressing
example of analyzing
topdressing content -
lots of sand and soil

shoveling top dressing
moving the pile one
shovel at a time

top dressing on a thin turf area
topdressing used on
a thin area

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