Using a Tractor as part of your baseball field maintenance

Using a Tractor for
Baseball Field Maintenance
Tractors with buckets & attachments are the workhorse
for the big projects

Choices and Decisions with a tractor

Smooth bucket or spiked. Go with the smooth bucket unless you are doing some serious digging

Kind of work you need done. Do you need something to just pull a drag or a small trailer are do you want to dig, load, and till?

  1. For serious digging and dirt moving, the bobcat or mustang is a good machine. But these usually do not include a rear attachment. And these machines are a lot heavier than a tractor with a bucket.

  2. For lighter amounts of digging and moving, use a tractor with a smooth bucket and a rear tiller attachment.


Sources and Suppliers

Suppliers I've used and am satisfied with: United Rentals, A Tool Shed, NationsRent, Hertz Equipment Rentals.

Tips & Hints
  1. Kubota or John Deere type tractors can lift the bucket high enough to fill a truck or dump stuff into a dumpster. My experience is that Bobcat or Mustang type tractors can not lift as high.

  2. These tractors might have pedals and levers that all have to be operated at once to move, turn, and load, or dump. Older teens you run video games are good at this. Otherwise, you need an experience drive.

  3. Bobcat and Mustangs can turn on a dime. If you do this, though, be aware that you will churn up the dirt or grass under you.

  4. Warning. These are heavy pieces of equipment and must be operated safely. Personal and property risk is high if you misuse these.

  5. Wear protective hearing devices and gloves while using a tractor.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Watch what you drive over with the tractor. If you get a flat, that's the end of your fun and you might be leaving your field in a real mess.

  2. Don't drive a Bobcat on the infield unless it is very dry. It is a heavy machine and you'll leave ruts if you do.

  3. When lifting the bucket to dump, be sure you have room for this. A guy was trying to dump old sod over a fence and instead hit the fence with the bucket and mangled the chain link fence.

  4. Don't make sharp turns on the grass. You'll tear it up.

  5. Don't tear up your base pegs or home plate by tilling over them.

  6. Don't run the tractor at full speed when tilling. It can burn out the PTO gear box. Then the fun is really over.


smooth bucket bobcat
smooth bucket Bobcat
hauling topdressing

four wheel ATV
four wheel ATV used
to drag the field

kubota with tiller
kubota with tiller
attachment at work
kubota with tiller

tractor and tiller attachment
full size tractor and
tiller attachment

scaping the dirt flat with a tractor
mustang with smooth
bucket scraping the
infield flat

tractor at work
versatility of the tractor:
load, haul, till, and drag

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