Only the best: turface for your baseball field

Turface for your Baseball Field
Condition your field to improve drainage, reduce
compaction, and absorb excess water

Choices and Decisions
  1. Best: Turface - calcined clay products used by the pros. These are designed specifically for sports fields to improve drainage, reduce compaction, and absorb excess water.

  2. OK: Diatomaceous earth - more brittle and dusty than Turface.

  3. Poor: Crushed brick, crushed rocks, decomposed granite - these become compacted, don't absorb moisture, and are hard on a player who slides on it. I wouldn't use this unless you amend it with Turface.


Sources and Suppliers

The supplier I've used and am satisfied with: Sierra Pacific Turf Supply. There are others, but these folks provide bulk supplies to sports team, landscapers and park districts and I've found that they understand what baseball fields need.

Tips & Hints
  1. Comes in bags only and not in a dump truck load unfortunately. You get forty 50 lb bags to a pallet or one ton.
  2. Application: 1-2 bags on the mound, 1-2 bags on homeplate area, 2-3 bags on the base paths.
  3. If you're on a budget, apply 2-3 tons a year.
  4. Lots of good tips and examples at
    Check it out.

  5. Turface MVP for the field.

  6. Turface Quick Dry for absorbing puddles or drying up wet areas. This stuff is great on the mound or the homeplate area. I've never had to use more than one bag on the mound to make it playable.

Mistakes to avoid

Make sure you nail drag it to incorporate it into the field. I helped a field acquire and spread it, but they didn't nail drag. It laid on top and they dragged it to the edges from dragging to fast.


bag of turface
tan or red turface
comes in 50 lb bags

pallets of turface
2 pallets: 40 bags each
2 tons total

spreading turface at home plate
spreading turface at

bags of turface on the infield
space out bags, dump, and spread with a rake

turface for the mound
two bags for the mound

turface quikdry product
quick dry for
absorbing moisture

quikdry up close
quick dry is fine grains
of calcined clay

infield before turface
before & after turface
infield after turface

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